Saturday, October 13, 2007

manmohan weakest PM? no, he's the worst

oct 13th, 2007

i said sometime ago that manmohan singh is india's worst prime minister, even worse than nehru (TM The First Prime Minister Of India). and that takes a lot of doing. but consider:

1. nehru lost tibet. manmohan lost nepal and burma
2. nehru sucked up to china. manmohan sucks up to china and to the us
3. nehru was a fan of buddhism. manmohan says 'mohammedans get first dibs at all of india's resources'.
4. nehru did not glorify terrorists. manmohan loses sleep over a mohammedan terrorist's mother
5. nehru spent his time chasing white women. manmohan spends his time looking like the nehru dynasty's retainer
6. nehru spent vast amounts of money on foolish pork-barrel policies. manmohan spends even vaster amounts of money on foolish pork-barrel policies
7. nehru had some ideals, even if he was a fool. manmohan singh has no ideals except hanging on to power as the dynasty's batman

note that the only time manmohan singh showed anything other than blandness was when he was indirectly accused of being an american mole in the indian government. that itself speaks volumes

advani is only partly correct.


samurai said...

i hope that you realise soon that you are losing yourself in nonsense.
you have no means of providing any logical argument and constantly need to search frantically and desperately,which results in posts of this nature.

gopinath said...

what I still dont understand is, India has a very good opportunity to take some action in Burma, to show to the world, out intentions of becoming a "Super Power".