Monday, October 15, 2007

Muslim woman alleges discrimination

A muslim woman in Guwahati (probably a Bangladeshi infiltrant) alleges that she was denied a job because she is muslim.

Well, dear woman, before you accuse us of religious bias, just take a look at your own selves. Muslims are the worst when it comes to religious discrimination. Except probably Wipro or Cipla, most muslim enterprises prefer muslim employees, atleast in the controlling positions. Go to any muslim owned shop and you will find only muslim employees. Go to any medium sized muslim owned company and see that muslims are preferred. Blatantly. Discrimination by muslims against Hindus in case of jobs, is much much higher than what muslims face.

Such arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude...


karyakarta92 said...

Add to that the employment ads that Arab mullahs place in *Indian* newspapers with impunity,
saying "Only Muslims and Christians need apply" or
"Non-Muslims need not apply".
Not that I would want any Hindu to work in any Arab hellhole, but the principle is important. Such advertisements violate the Indian constitution. The wretched Bangladeshi mohammedans need to be deported lock stock and barrel, every last one of them.

Sameer said...

karyakarta, I too had seen such advertisements, but they were very long ago and in small corners of paeprs and lately have not seen them. Anyway, I too agree, we shouldnt send our poor people to be looted there and doing slave labour and suffering abuse and humiliation.

Friends, did u read the news of how Hindus were briefly detained when they were performing Ganesh Visarjan at the sea in UAE? The police thought there was something suspicious and detained the people, which included elderly, women and children.

Coming back to the Advertisement thing, Muslims... I understnd, but what is the logic of including christian? I meant the AD 'Muslims and Christians only can apply'...??? Can anyone explain??
Yes, both are brotherly death cults, otherwise at each other's throats, but united in India as 'minorities', forever wimping at 'atrocities' of 'bad' hindus and teaching us about 'secularism'.... having the same old dream of completing the unfinished...

karyakarta92 said...

I read the news of Hindus being arrested briefly and released in Dubai when performing Ganesh Visarjan. The excuse given was that the Arabs were unaware of the Hindu ceremony, which is BS because debauched Arab sheikhs do frequent India for sex tourism, sorry "Mutah" marriages with daughters of poor Muslim rickshawwallahs. The AMeena Bee incident was one such infamous
case where the young girl was rescued by an Indian Airlines attendant. The security personnel in the UAE are mostly of SOUTH ASIA
origin anyway, so that is a lame excuse. Rather, it is a clear cut case of religious persecution of Hindus in the UAE.

Regarding the job ads, yes all imperialistic death cults make common cause in their evil conspiracy to enslave India and the Hindus. Also, mohammedans recognise that christists share a lot of their delusions regarding
prophets, idol worship etc. Remember that they share the Old Testament and that Mohammedans accept Yesu as a minor prophet, while insisting that MO is the last and only real prophet!
Therefore, it is only a minor doctrinal concession to enable christists, especially kerala christists and Filipinos to go there for menial jobs in large numbers.

Many of the Filipinos in Saudi Arabia are caught proselytising and sentenced to death. But, till date no Kerala christist has had the balls to evangelise there.
Their hateful mission is confined
to India.....