Monday, October 15, 2007

like sethusamudram, imperialistic death cult destroys chinese lake

oct 14th, 2007

only quibble may be that it is not really communism, but the famed chinese greed that is doing this.

of course, the famed 'dravidian' greed is driving, in part, the totally pointless (economics-wise) canal project. t r baalu and kathiroli and karunanidhi and friends will get the dredging contracts. but the bigger reason is politics and the humiliation of hindus.

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karyakarta92 said...

Here's another imperialistic death cult in another country indulging in wanton destruction of a heritage site. That completes a trilogy of mullah/missionary/marxist assaults on world heritage.

"History be dammed",,1954339,00.html

It will be interesting to see if this symbol of Iran's pre-Islamic past can be protected from the mohammedan death cult.