Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Jihadis blow up 7th century Buddha statue in Pakistan

Why is no Indian dhimmi protesting this? The secular progressives, the Gandhians, the "non-violent" humanitarian NGO's who see great value in (usurped Hindu) Mohammedan architectural monstrosities dotting the Indian landscape will be conspicuously silent on this vandalism of world heritage.
Forthright condemnation of Mohammedan iconoclasm will predictably be absent from the Amedkarites, the Dravidians who include many neo-Buddhists, by the way.


gopinath said...

I think in this case, a tit for tat would help. RSS should blow up some important muslim structure in India. Or if possible in Pakistan/Bangladesh, to save the innocent being butchered and dhimmitude inaction, after such a blow up in India.

slim_shady said...

I think something similar was tried last month as well. Very unfortunate.

slim_shady said...

Excuse me, here's the working link.