Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Invasion through conversion



The videos are self explanatory.


Vaidyanathan said...

I was watching Subramaniam Swamy's interview (Tamil) to http://www.kumudam.com. He made certain startling statements, not sure if they are true, but sounded very believable.

1. Jayalalitha is actually an intelligent, patriotic woman, but is not able to perform her best because she committed certain blunders, like arresting Jayendra Saraswathi, getting entangled with Sasikala etc..

His most important statement was that she repealed her conversion law because the American Ambassador threatened her!He didn't give any other supporting details.

Other statements he made are this:
2. Left parties are controlled by China. China actually doesn't care about the merits of the 123 agreement. The agreement itself may be harmful to India, but once the agreement is operationalized, it will increase the friendship between USA and India. USA, India, Japan and Australia will become a formidable combination. So China wants to nip the friendship in the bud and has instructed the left parties to go against the agreement, even if it results in the fall of the government.

3. Sonia Gandhi's father was a prisoner of War in Russia for 4 years, brainwashed and joined the KGB. Sonia Gandhi made millions of Dollars off of the Iraqi oil from Sadam Hussein (Volcker report for which Natwar Singh was made the scape goat). USA now has the details of the transaction after capturing Bagdad. So USA is now threatening Sonia to make sure Manmohan Singh remains Prime Minister and the 123 agreement goes thru'.

4. Tamil Nadu is now teeming with LTTE terrorists and Tamil Nadu politics is controlled by LTTE and the movie industry. The LTTE is keeping a low profile because, their supported "DMK" is ruling TN

Again, I don't know if the statements are true, but sounds logical and believable.

siva said...

Vaidyanathan said>>> His most important statement was that she repealed her conversion law because the American Ambassador threatened her! He didn't give any other supporting details.

This could very well be true. I read the same item sometime ago, almost 2 years ago from a different source. I also read a small news item about some guy from American consulate at Chennai had called on Jayalalitha after the conversion ordinance and conveyed US’s "concerns". Put this two together and what Swami said could very well be true.