Tuesday, October 09, 2007

If only we could actually find something bad to say...

This edit makes for hilarious reading. The ELM desperately wants to find something - please god - give us something - to beat Modi with.

What a waste of 500 words! - Modi is bad because
1- people accuse him of being "Noor Mohamed" (what????) - no wait -
2- he is bad because he does not like Patels - no
3- he does not care about farmer Patels - engineer patels are o.k with him - no wait
4- he is bad because he tried to cut down theft - yes theft - of electricity (as if it costs nothing to produce it) - so unlike all our corrupt CM's offering free electricity - well no - that is not right
5- he is bad because the BJP does not have a tribal leader - PRESTO - we found it - we found the reason

Coming soon to ELM - sundry "opinion polls" (i.e. the press people's opinion) that declare Modi will lose.

"all this is going to effect BJP's internal politics"
- well I sure hope he does. Advani is best under the category "Good PM's India never had" - it's time for the BJP Geriatric Brigade to move aside.

Shourie is right - Modi is PM material


habc said...

CM Modi pushes solar energy cause

“I am also going to suggest to the Centre that the huge amount it spends on providing subsidy to domestic LPG customers be transferred to the Gujarat Government to help it develop the solar energy sector in the State. My government is prepared to save the Central subsidy amount by providing piped gas to domestic customers,” Modi said

I am not sure what exactly he means here since the desi media is not exactly known for precision or accuracy - but I thunk he is sayng that he is willing to move the Central Govt gas subsidy to solar energy.

Surya said...

Chindu came out with an edit yesterday with a similar theme.
Modi is bad because he is working for the benefit of Gujaratis and not for muslims. The article goes to the extent of saying a good CM works exclusively for the benefit of muslims.

karyakarta92 said...

The author of that Indian Express
article is one "Varghese George", a Kerala Christist. No further analysis is required.