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pioneer: Systematic attack on Hinduism

oct 9th 2007

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From: Sushama

Systematic attack on Hinduism


Second opinion: RN Chawla
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Archaeological Survey of India's original, controversial affidavit in the Supreme Court, disputing the existence of Lord Ram and its withdrawal under mounting criticism from Hindus have all the elements of a dramatic denouement in the theatre of the absurd. The whole episode is symptomatic of a biased and over-enthusiastic mindset, driven by pseudo-secularism.


All constituents of the UPA Government led by the Congress parrot their self-serving credentials of multiculturalism, pluralism, secularism and liberalism just to placate the dominant minority. This combination has dexterously and unashamedly succeeded in sustaining itself in power on the basis of a niggardly and controlled supply of oxygen from anti-Hindu and anti-national Leftist parties. India's glorious past -- River Saraswati, value-based education, NCERT textbooks, etc -- is being systematically maligned.


Similarly, the Sethusamudram Shipping Channel Project is being pursued by the UPA to please the DMK. We all know that the DMK has a long history of anti-Hindu tirades. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's recent fulminations against Lord Ram show that he will go to any extent to prove he is anti-Hindu.


Moreover, the UPA has the short-sighted policy of minority appeasement that leads to a kid-glove treatment to insurgents. The internal security of the nation is threatened and the sentiments of the majority disregarded. The Ram Setu issue should be seen as a continuation of the same mindset. However, the fear of a Hindu backlash and loss of Hindu votes in the likelihood of a mid-term election has forced the Congress-led Government to change tack. But in the longer run, the UPA Government under pressure from coalition partners may revert to its old anti-Hindu agenda.


Many years ago, the disappearance of Prophet Mohammed's hair from the Hazrat Bal Shrine in Kashmir had led to a great deal of turmoil. Did anyone then question the historicity of the relic and genuineness of the hair? Likewise, the resurrection of Christ on Easter is accepted because Christians believe so.


It may be recalled that the Supreme Court had intervened in a road expansion plan in Gujarat where a dargah built on encroached land was to be demolished. The apex court must ensure that no harm is done to Ram Setu and the realignment of the SSCP after all environmental safeguards are taken.



Vinod_Sharma said...
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Vinod_Sharma said...

A good analysis. For a slightly different and less hateful perspective, do read my posts here:

nizhal yoddha said...

vinod sharma, a gentle suggestion: don't just advertise your blog here. contribute and say something useful here too. otherwise it's not clear why i should provide you free advertising.

witan said...

One should compare this with AnantnAg which is shown off to "tourists" with great pride. I feel that AnantnAg and other similar places should be completely rebuilt and resanctified.

witan said...

Nizhal Yoddha, Having been properly alerted by your post addressed to Vinod Sharma, I will not commit the mistake of reading Sharma's blog.

karyakarta92 said...

I don't see any "hateful perspective" in the Pioneer editorial. There is an open, organised, hateful attack on the Hindu civilization with the aim of annihilation. And here we have some Hindus who refuse to even acknowledge this reality, leave alone fight it in an organised and disciplined manner. To make matters worse, those who attempt to counter the attack on Hinduism are labeled "hateful".
The tender sensitivities of these dhimmis are hurt by mere statement of facts. This is the essence of dhimmi Indian negationism. Dhimmitude, whether of the Gandhian or Swami Agnivesh or Sudheendra Kulkarni variety is detrimental to
the future existence of Hinduism.

nizhal yoddha said...

er... witan, i didn't actually say 'don't read vinod sharma's blog'. i did read it, and it's pretty good. all i meant was, 'vinod, out of your 5 posts here, 4 have been advertisements for your blog. i think that's a bit much'.

i have turned on the 'capcha' (word verification feature) to exclude posts from people who are spamming to attract eyeballs to their blogs. the ones that occasionally get through are deleted, too.

vinod is not spamming, i would like him to request that he post his interesting thoughts here as well instead of simply exploiting our hospitality.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Nizhal, I happened to read your suggestions just now, therefore the delayed response. Point well taken, though I would not mind if someone did the same on my blog. As I see it, our views and knowledge are best shared, whether on your site or mine or anyone else's. I did not post detailed comments because I had written in detail on 'my' blog and I thought it would be best if readers of this blog read those posts in full. As you can see, there is no commercial interest involved. I post my articles elsewhere too, in addition to the blog, with no commercial returns expected. There is also a site which on its own sometimes posts a very brief synopsis and provides a link to my blog for those who want to read in detail. I discovered that by accident, and I can only thank them for sharing views. Still, your point is well taken in the right spirit.