Monday, October 08, 2007

good news from the valley on solar energy

oct 8th, 2007

this is the sort of thing that america needs to do if it wants to keep ahead of the curve: innovate.

and where is india in the solar energy sweepstakes? nowhere. i saw in forbes asia a list of the top 25 companies doing solar energy, and they include american, european and a large number of chinese (!) companies. zero indian companies.

and instead we're running after this chimera of fission power. we need it like we need a hole in the head.


habc said...

I believe one of the most innovative and leading solar energy companies, Konarka Technologies has been set up by Indian scientists in Lowell, Mass.

I do realize it is not the same thing as doing it in India , but still its something;)

AGworld said...

All is not lost -- the leading Wind company in the world is indian -- suzlon

san said...

Tamil Nadu's taken the lead on alternative energy projects. Moser Baer's setting up their thin film solar manufacturing plant there.