Saturday, May 05, 2007

pakistani terrorists in britain; nixon in china

may 5th 2007

with this kind of explicit evidence of ISI involvement in terrorism, the only reason the yanks are pretending that pakistan is innocent is because their hands are dirty too. the yanks nurtured and continue to nurture the ISI, which created and continues to support/supply the taliban. the end goal: pakistan is a foothold for the yanks in that region, and conveniently acts as a counterweight to india as well as iran, and there is a lot of quid pro quo for the nixon pilgrimage to china with pakistan as intermediary.

there was an interview with this person on public radio -- i forget his name -- who wrote recently about kissinger and nixon fighting for power in the nixon administration. it also shows how the yanks interacted with china: with great deference. this is in stark contrast with the way they are interacting with india: with arrogance, ordering india around. this is quite possibly because they know a) they can bully and sweettalk indians, b) they have their plants/moles in the indian government, c) both


Ghost Writer said...

It is surprising how the newly discovered 'noble goals' of US foreign policy in the middle east crumble when confronted with that riddle called Pakistan. Think of it
1- Promotion of democracy in the Muslim world
2- Non-proliferation (as donor and recipient)
3- Not supporting 'regimes' that support terror
4- Protecting human rights and speaking against abuse
All these pillars - each and every one of them - crumbles when they reach Islamabad.

The charitable view is that like the Buddhas teachings, these goals sound good but are so hard to practice. Alas that is not the case. The reality is that it is yet another cynical use of a 'shell country'. They want to keep India bound and Russia on-edge.
The sad part is - India is actually forced to take this option. Better for the Yanks to be the ISI's target practice than us!!

horizon said...

Here is an article how duryodhan singh bocked satellite campus of IIT B and IIT M in Gujarat and Kerela which could have added 5000 more seats in IITs.