Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CPM to donate a crore to the Palestinians

may 30th, 2007

why does it not occur to the commies to ask why there is no 'communist party of palestine'?

we know the answer: as soon as the mohammedans cease to need commies as useful idiots, they shoot them. (reminds me of the film "they shoot commies, don't they?". well it's actually horses, not commies, but same difference.)

observe that there is a 'communist party of israel' and there is no 'communist party of xxxx' where xxxx is any mohammedan/arab country. [including bangladesh, which exported all commies to west bengal by the simple expedient of grabbing their wives, daughters, sisters, and their land. those who still didn't get the message were liquidated.]

also, i remember the commies going around shaking down people in kerala a few months ago. yeah, 'collected from cadre', indeed. more like 'extorted forcibly from ordinary people who don't give a rat's ass about palestinians, but were forced to part with their money by commie thugs, who then blew up 90% of it on cheap moonshine and floozies.' which explains what they did with the 10 crores they collected.

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CPM to donate a crore to the Palestinians


CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP and politburo member Sitaram Yechury will be handing over a donation of Rs one crore, collected by the CPI(M) from its cadre last year, to the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS). He will be handing over the money at the international delegates meet, which will discuss the world campaign for Israeli-Palestinian peace on June 2.

The peace initiative spearheaded by the Communist Party of Israel and the Palestinian People's Party in Jerusalem will be held to find a just solution to the Palestinian crisis. Party sources said the humanitarian aid could not be handed over earlier due to some hurdles raised by the Reserve Bank. RBI has since approved the party donation.

Talking to DNA, Yechury said he would hand over the cash to the PMRS and would hold talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Yechury said he would visit the disputed territory and hold talks with leaders and intellectuals.

Lauding the role of the Communist Party of Israel, he said it is a "courageous" party working under "exacting circumstances". The party has been interacting on a regular basis with the CPI(M) on various international issues. The Israeli comrades had also attended the last CPI(M) meet at Hyderabad.

As part of the initiative the leaders will tour the Separation Wall and meet with Palestinian Popular Committees, from June 2-4. They will also engage in a dialogue with Israeli peace activists, visit the Palestinian Legislative Council and meet with President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu-Mazen).
source: DNA


Raghu said...

These are the same commie bastards who don't even acknowledge the plight of Hindu Pandits in Kashmir...

murli said...

Rajeev, having spent a few days in a Palestinian refugee camp, I can comment on Palestine and communism. There is a Marxist party called the PFLP -- popular front for the liberation of Palestine. They have very little support among Palestinians, and it is because they turned out to be very corrupt. One difference between Palestinian communists and Indian ones is that the Palestinian communists are nationalists, unlike Indian ones.

Indian commies are probably the very worst of a terrible bunch.