Monday, May 28, 2007

Arun Shourie's new book

An extract of Arun Shourie's new book on how to improve governance in India. He is essentially arguing for India to adopt a US -Presidential model, but based on the French electoral process. It does make a compelling case - needing to cross the 50% mark will ensure that everyone is perpetually bound to do a "Mayawati-2007" in every Presidential election i.e. build rainbow coalitions and instead of fragmenting the electorate into multiple pieces - fragment it into only two pieces.

Most importantly - this will completely blunt the Islamist ploy of tactical negative voting against the BJP/NDA.

How Indian politicians will defeat this model is fairly obvious. They will have one impeachment motion every week in the legislature; this because every puny politician in India really does think that he could be the next elected President. In fact this is quite true for even non-politicians such as Subramanian Swamy.

However, the book seems to be more than just about the arithmetic as is obvious from Ashok Malik's review of it in the Pioneer


san said...

Yes, I'd been thinking about this for sometime, ever since I'd seen the Israelis suggest it. So far, I think it's been the Russians who've brought this to fruition, which is why Yeltsin and later his successor Putin have been able to wield so much power. I think it would yield better results for Indian democracy, as contrasted with the current fractiousness.

AGworld said...

There is one grave problem with such centralised power: What if the electorate gives Sonia or Arjun Singh a landslide?

We'd become the islamic/catholic republic of india in 6 weeks!

Ghost Writer said...

I doubt if a Sonia Gandhi or Arjun Singh can win more than half the vote of the electorate.
Remember, under this scheme votes - and not parliamentary seats - are transferable. When evaluating this we must set aside the hprse trading model of Indian democracy - thought it is hard to do so.
For all the silly opinion polls that come out the arses of the India Press; I doubt if over half the public would actually vote for Sonia. Of course, if it happened we would go down the toilet pretty quickly

Raghu said...


Never under-estimate the stupidity of Indian voter.