Sunday, May 13, 2007

Euros Pounce on Putin

Here come the Euro-propagandists of Atlanticism again, whing about their "chills" and "shivers" at Putin's latest remarks.

Putin is only saying what the rest of the world is thinking. So when a darling of Atlanticism like George Soros compares the Bush admin to 1930s Germany, then the Atlanticists consider it a valid warning. But if Putin says something similar, then it's suddenly "chilling" and "shocking" and causing "shivers down the spine".

What a joke. What a bunch of predatory ruthless rats the Europeans are.


Ghost Writer said...

I quite agree with san about the need for the West to stop beating it's breasts when it comes to Russia.
I think for some time now, Putin has had to live the Narendra Modi condition. The west uses NGO's, the press and other assorted paid agents in Russia to beat up on the only guy who has the gumption to tell the West to go screw. The blatant doublespeak on the Chechen problem is absolute hypocritical behavior by Western powers.
They would really rather see a tottering Russia on it's knees lead by an incompetent drunk like Yeltsin.

For Indians - I think that our larger interests in Central Asia are better served with someone like Putin at the helm. It keeps the lid on some of the more exhubarant Khan-ates and balances out US power in the region - the Yanks as we all know are not averse to giving strategic depth to Pakistan that extends all the way to southern Russia. Such 'depth' to be used in turn - by the Yanks to contain Russia and by the Pakistanis to fight India.
Also importantly Putin keeps the Europeans on edge and the Chinese a bit weary

nizhal yoddha said...

a lot of the comments about putin are of the nature of 'how could he use russia's oil and gas to hold the EU to ransom?'

well, america is using its nuclear technology to hold india to ransom.

the arabs are using their oil and gas to hold the world to ransom.

this is the way life is. deal with it, atlanticists!