Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Pope and TRP's
This is an article that should cause men to seriously ponder and read it many times over. Consider the following

"the pope lobbied to have a 19-day conference of Latin American bishops, which opens Sunday, held here, after seeing the results of the survey."
Jesus not rated favorite on exit polls? Is this spiritualism or targeted messaging to fight reduced market share?

"Some segments of the Latin American church have responded by emphasizing the theology of liberation, which merges faith and politics. Others have incorporated Afro-Brazilian and indigenous rites into the Mass."
This is the same "acculturation" that we are used to. Anyone remember Bede Griffith and before him that rascal Robert De Nobili? This does not surprise me at all - these people have difficulty with pluralism. They want their own brand of worship.

The unfed, unwashed masses are hungry - they want bread and "God's Rottweiler" gives them stones.

Bloody Tribal Triumphalists!!

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