Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yanks pay Pakis to kill NATO soldiers - New York Times

Notice how the dumb Yankees are paying the Pakistanis money while the Pakistanis open fire to support Taliban incursions -more that TWO DOZEN times...
Also notice how the perfidious Yankees - our 'stategic ally' does not give a hoot that a lot of the money goes to buy heavy machinery used to counter India - and that such machinery has nothing to do with the dubious 'war on terror'. So much for friends!

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san said...

The Americans don't even care that their billions in aid money is buying the bullets and bombs that kill their own soldiers.

I think Bush is living isolated and surrounded by a coterie shielding him from reality, just like Sonia. Bush doesn't have a terribly strong mind anyway, and he's just wallowing in paralysis, like a deer caught in the headlights.

They're just plodding along, doing the same old thing, hoping that it will eventually work, but it's not working.

Meanwhile, the Atlanticist mouthpiece, The Economist is hurling barbs at the Pakistan pro-democracy movement:

"In the presence of six other uniformed generals, at his army headquarters in Rawalpindi, General Musharraf ordered Mr Chaudhry to resign. The judge—eccentric, vain, some say incompetent—had upset his colleagues on the bench, and had given populist rulings against the government."