Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ship-Building: India's Next Star Industry

India's ship is coming in. Just like the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese before us, now Indians are set to become the latest big ship-builders.

With India's long protruding coastline, and its medium proximity to other resource-rich nations across the ocean, it's absolutely important for us to become a big sea-trading nation. Developing maritime commerce, along with our own big fleet of sea-going ships will also help us to improve our indigenous naval capabilities, as maritime defense will be of great importance as well.

Ship-building is also a good industry for creating blue-collar jobs, too. I can't wait for the day when India breaks the record for world's largest ship.


Ghost Writer said...

A rare occasion for me to agree with you on a matter of economics and industry.
India needs to fast forward on building ships and ports. I cannot understand why Singapore or Dubai have taken bigger advantage of this so far. India has a larger coast line and better chances of trading than any other country in the region. Labor union-isation in Europe should give us a head start even in ship repair and refit - the same is true for the aircraft industry. Airlines need to cut costs due to the fragmented nature of the industry and India should make a big thrust in this sector

Sage said...
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Sagar said...

The world's largest ship was for a long time captained by an Indian, CMDR Capt. S K Mohan. Here is a rather odd source testifying this fact - a matrimonial!! This was when she was known as Jahre Viking.