Sunday, May 06, 2007

what happens if you dont pre-empt terrorists

may 6th, 2007

all those baying for the blood of the gujarat cops should consider the alternative: what if the police know about a potential terrorist act and do nothing?

here is the answer: the air india bombing. 329 innocents dead. coverup. incredible miscarriage of justice. in the end, the air india victims may sue the canadian govt for a billion dollars, too (much like the libyans were forced to shell out several billion for the lockerbie bombing).

but if the victims are indians, nobody cares, least of all the kaangress government. why isn't the indian government asking the canadians for an explanation?


Ghost Writer said...

and what happens when you preempt the terrorist but not his driver
Ashok Malik's investigative skill is matched only by the lucidity of his writing

God dammit - we need an Indian C-SPAN. Guys like him could tear the lefties apart

I am not sure if the URL will work - if not go to --> Columnists --> Ashok Malik and look for the article titled "An inconvenient truth"

indian_indian said...

Could there be any truth to these stories of a Chinese incursion into Arunachal Pradesh:

I guess one can find out for sure by seeing if Prakash Karat et al are currently in Arunachal Pradesh welcoming the Chinese in!