Friday, May 25, 2007

now this is one good idea: recaptchas

may 25th, 2007

using wasted human time productively.

the communists should take a hint from this: their propaganda people produce enormous amounts of deliciously turgid text (that is *almost* indistinguishable from english). this job should be left to the dada engines which automatically produce post-modern writing that sounds exactly like these people, including the 'eminent historians' (see early post on this blog about dada engines) and such poor sods should be quietly moved on to other jobs. or put to sleep.

but then, what will 'china's national newspaper' do? there will be a sepulchral silence at jnu, too, as these 'living dead' roam the halls, eager for pieces of juicy marxian text to sink their teeth into. the mind boggles.

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