Wednesday, May 30, 2007

bangladeshi mohammedan murders, burns hindu family in los angeles

may 30th, 2007
second recent hate crime in america by the beloved 'south asian' brothers. first one last week was when a sikh boy had his hair chopped off forcibly in new york. second is this.

it is clearly a religious hate crime.

i wonder what 'saja' and 'foil' and 'asha' and 'aids' and 'sahmat' and all the others have to say about this.

every one of the 'secularists' will be extremely quiet, including teesta and shabana.

the moral of the story: they will keep doing it because hindus do not retaliate.

imagine, this is a bangladeshi, who's bought a 1-way ticket because he's sure he can hide there and never be caught. and this is the nation that's going to be underwater soon. not a moment too soon, clearly.

this is what comes of cowardice by the indian government.

would a mohammedan dare do this to a jew? no, because they know the israeli secret service will track them down and punish them and their relatives.

this is a premedidated and absolutely brutal act of jihad by more than one mohammedan. i hope the principal culprit enjoys his stay in san quentin.

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This is a disturbing story, so I'm sorry if you find it disturbing :

An entire Hindu family has been destroyed, right here in Southern California
by Jihadis.
The secular Indian media will probably say that they insulted Islam, the
"religion of peace"
Or that they deserved it because they were Gujaratis.

Had this happened in India, we could have counted on Lallu Yadav to appoint
an inquiry commission headed by a Bengali judge to establish that they
committed suicide.

Or Manmohan Singh to say that Muslims have the first claim on the nation's
which apparently includes Hindu women.

But, I believe in the U.S.A and it's constitutional guarantee of the right
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness". In this case, it is too late
for all of the above,
but hopefully, the U.S criminal justice system will deliver justice fast.

There is a lesson in this tragedy for all of us who have daughters, i.e. to
inculcate Hindu religious values and cultural nationalism from childhood. At
the bare minimum, an ability to distinguish friend from foe.



san said...

The circumstantial evidence clearly tells us all what happened here.

The old man and his daughter were obviously riding on a train, coming back from some fanatical fundamentalist pilgrimage. They got down at the train station, saw the innocent young man who was only trying to be helpful by picking up his future in-laws. In their fanatically enraged state, they immediately began beating the poor helpless lad. Terrified, he tried to run away from them, but accidentally knocked over the oil lamp they were carrying. Their heated religious fury lit the flames, and everything suddenly went kaboom.

The young man blacked out, and when he came to, all he could see to his horror were the charred remains of his tormentors. In his shock and fear of being framed by communal forces, he quickly ran to the airport to flee the country for safety.

As for the strangulation marks, we all know that these pilgrims like practice a little BDSM to pass the time.

Somebody please email this to Martha Nussbaum, so that she can help get the truth out (you know how easily the communal forces can distort the truth.)

Shahryar said...

An excerpt from linked story:
Islam and Hinduism stress peace and advocate against violence, according to Govind Vaghashia, a spokesman for the BAPS Swaminarayan temple in Whittier that the Dhanak family attended.

Shame on Govind Vaghashia for forgetting what transpired on 24 September 2002 - Muslim terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar.

siva said...

>>> Islam and Hinduism stress peace and advocate against violence, according to Govind Vaghashia

What a pathetic weenie this Govind Vaghashia is.

DarkStorm said...

>>> 'saja' and 'foil' and 'asha' and 'aids' and 'sahmat'

Such funny names - Asha and Sahmat and Aids....