Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CAPEEM forces witzel to confess fraudulent wikipedia edits

may 29th, 2007

interesting, now CAPEEM is forcing the DFN [sic -- it should really be called the dalit enslavement network for its goal is to get dalits to be the coolies of christists] and witzel to reveal all sorts of things. this subpeona bit and compulsion are pretty powerful [pallekonda please note].

this witzel guy is an even lower life than previously thought. he must be getting a *lot* of money from the usual suspects, which explains steve farmer's violent rantings too. singing for supper, the third oldest profession?

donate some money to CAPEEM, please. they are seriously embarrassing all these frauds.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: kalyan97

Witzel's evangelical wikipedia edits
Michael Witzel of Harvard University has been engaging in evangelism in the guise of teaching Sanskrit, indology.
It's time for reckoning; it is time to ask Witzel to quit his position in Harvard University.

In one of the emails produced by Dalit Freedom Network, Witzel notes "(p)lease check what Wikipedia says about your organization…They always put back what I erase." In reaction to the forwarded message, DFN's Executive Director asks whether "(DFN) can… edit this ourselves… I do not want to start being identified as a mission (sic) organization…" …many principals of DFN are unabashed in their antagonism towards Hinduism.


See how Witzel edited, repeatedly, his multiple evangelical posts, in the context of the California Textbook issue:



Wikipedia frowns on people editing pages about themselves, especially those who clean up negative descriptions of themselves.

The IP address noted above shows that Witzel has done that too.


In my view, this conduct should also attract ethics/academic standards committees in Highebr Educational institutions like Harvard University and Members of Harvard Corporation. Surely, this is conduct unbecoming of a professor occupying a chair in a prestigious university.  Will Harvard Corporation ethics and academic standards enforcement administrators take note and act to save the image of the prestigious institution?


The Subpoena and motion to compel Witzel—a veritable expose of Witzel's anti-hindu tirades, trampling upon Hindu Civil Rights --  is available at the URL:  http://capeem.org/docs/CompelWitzel.pdf

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hari om said...

Witzel also likely edited (and continues to do so!) the Wikpedia article on the California Hindu Textbook Controversy. Talk about re-writing history!

But anyone can edit Wikipedia. Create an account, learn how to edit effectively, and begin editing the same articles that Witzel edits. Everyone is equal on Wikipedia. Start here to learn how:

These are the Witzel and textbook controversy articles:

Consider becoming an editor on Wikipedia, and helping to make Hindu and India related articles more honest. Follow Wikipedia's own advice for new editors: "Be Bold!"