Monday, May 28, 2007

'We Are Children of the Tropics'

may 28th, 2007

sounds like pointless nay-saying about global warming.

but the man heads a 'vertebrate department', and should be asked to comment on india's politicians. :-)

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SPIEGEL ONLINE - May 8, 2007, 05:08 PM


'We Are Children of the Tropics'

Biologist Josef Reichholf discusses the benefits of a warmer climate for animals and plants, large cities as centers of biological diversity and the myth of the return of malaria.
SPIEGEL: Mr. Reichholf, are you worried about global warming?
Josef Reichholf: No. Personally, I'm even looking forward to a milder climate. But it will also not pose any major problems for mankind as a whole.

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bly243001 said...

A secular paradise in making.
Just see how John Lancaster makes light of a murder of a Hindu teacher


Several people in Male suggested that I might learn more if I paid a visit to Himendhoo, one of the 200 or so "local islands"—as distinct from the capital—where most Maldivians live. Last fall, an Indian schoolteacher on the island was beaten nearly to death, allegedly because he was a Hindu and an English teacher,
..........Majeed then took me to see the bungalow where the Indian teacher had been attacked. But he told a different story than the one I had heard in Male, insisting that the incident had been triggered not by religion but by a personal squabble. That sounded plausible, and I began to wonder whether Himendhoo was quite the hotbed of radicalism that had been described to me.