Tuesday, May 08, 2007

DNAIndia.com : China makes new inroads in Arunachal

may 8th, 2007

are DNA and MINT better than the usual ELM in india?

sumdurnong chu was where a chinese expeditionary force was given a bloody nose by indian troops some years ago, if i remember right.

with the increasing christist-ization of arunachal, the yanks and so on are hoping an 'indepedent christist northeast nation' will be created.

the question is, will the yankee fundies win, or will china win? who will get arunachal pradesh first, while our invertebrates in the UPA fiddle?

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China makes new inroads in Arunachal DNA, Mumbai 07/05/07

Full Story can be found at http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?NewsID=1095181

China makes new inroads in Arunachal
By - Rajesh Sinha

NEW DELHI: As India and China move to resolve their differences over borders, there is one aspect both countries have carefully refrained from talking about: that China has moved up to 20 km into India and grabbed a portion of the 90,000 sq km area of the Northeast that it claims as its own.

Though India has consistently denied that China has occupied its territory, the MP from West Arunachal, Kiren Rijiju of the BJP, said he has received written replies from the ministries of external affairs and defence, indicating that they were aware of the inroads made by the Chinese.

"I have their replies, admitting that there are problems and the government is trying to sort them out," Rijiju told DNA.



san said...

Our Neros are fiddling while our borders are burning, as China lights fires underneath them.

san said...

Atlanticist disinformation:

from The Economist

Look at the chart. It shows India as having a higher proportional military spending than China. What garbage.

nizhal yoddha said...

the limeys have got their bleeding numbers wrong! of course they didnt do a double check.

according to the chart, 2.25% of india's GDP = $21.7 billion, ie. india's GDP = $964 billion, which is close to the true number.

1.4% of china's GDP = $104 billion, ie. china's GDP = $7428 billion. in your dreams! china's GDP is only about $2 trillion.

so much for the atlanticist's impregnable numbers! the blighters, blinded by chinese theatrics, just messed up.

Shahryar said...

Well spotted!

The chart is obviously dodgy if it does not include Pakistan which spends over 3% of its GDP on military spending.

Tambi Dude said...

"Did the Government of India accept the 1986 intrusion and the resultant occupation of our territory?

They had to. The Chinese had taken our land.

The Government of India accepted that and did nothing?

The Chinese took our posts, the government had to accept that. But there is no intrusion now."