Saturday, May 05, 2007

beginning of the 'Untied Kingdom'

may 5, 2007

britain beginning to unravel.

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From: Kumar

One more step to Scottish independence! Hopefully this happens sooner than later...Blair is trying to downplay this election rout, but to no avail. Scots will have their own country within a decade. Then Wales and Cornwall will follow.


Chatrapath said...

I have given money, but definitely tread with caution! These limeys are incredibly sneaky snales---every donation made to the Scottish National Party could end up funding anti-India groups...these limeys don't rule the world by being dumb!

I like the SNP because they want independence and they are totally PEACEFUL and not a bunch of radicals. They just want self-determination.

The best approach is to offer quiet support, make friends with Scots, try and understand their point of view and when the time is right, we can directly fund any support they may need---this way you know that your money doesn't go to some anti-India group.

We should not be emotional about this.

One of my many lifetime goals is to step foot into an independent Scotland and Wales. I have faith that it will happen.

Chatrapath said... I see that stiff upper lip trembling? Do I smell denial? HMMMMMM...