Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bill to increase skilled worker levels

may 15th, 2007

interesting that there's apparently enough support to the idea that the US needs to make itself more competitive and attractive to skilled overseas workers.

but the part about making it easier for doctors will definitely be shot down by the medical association, among the three best trade unions in the US, the others being the american association of retired persons and the jewish group. by keeping doctor supply down they have managed to keep doctor salaries high. incidentally there is now a move to have fast-food type quick-care medical centers staffed by nurses, which can take care of 90% of the types of casual hospital visits that today cost so much money.


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Raghu said...

I think Walgreens has already started.. fast-food type medical care in some of its stores..

I heard some time back on NPR that a couple of big companies were experimenting with an in-house hospital for their employees, and were actually saving some money.. not to mention man-hours..