Thursday, May 10, 2007

one fantastic CD: holy chants of shiva and shakti

may 9th, 2007

this is one of the best devotional CDs i have ever heard. these girls have voices as clear as bells, and their sanskrit pronunciation is effortless and pure. kudos to ghayatri devi. and the modernized beat is not obtrusive but very attractive. i bought it in india for rs. 150, lent it to somebody and now cant find it. but i have it on my ipod and it's absolutely fantastic. i don't usually gush over music that much but this CD is addictive.

one in particular, 'chandrasekhara ashtakam' is awesome, i listen to it over and over again: i love the chorus -- 'chandrasekharamashraye mama kim karishyati vaiyamam, chandrasekhara chandrasekhara chandrasekhara pahimam, chandrasekhara chandrasekhara chandrasekhara rakshamam'

i wonder if ghayatri devi and stephen devassy (!) have produced any other such efforts. i'd buy their work in a heartbeat. if i remember right from the liner notes, they are members of some ashram.

btw, so that you know about my level of knowledge of devotional music, another of my favorites has been 'chants of shiva from the banks of the ganges' from times music/art of living.


Raghu said...

Maa by Jagjit Singh is good. This one is by Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Ashwathy said...

stephen devassy is popular keyboardist/pianist/programmer/music director /composer..etc.. he's a musican.. he's da offical keyboardist of hariharan.. he has workd with arrahman, l.subramanium nd many eminent musician.. He entered the Chennai music scene with the Sacred Chants of Kosmic Music, which has now released five volumes. With Sanskrit slokas, mantras and verses from the Upanishads, Sacred Chants is set to a background of western music.
his latest album is ROMANZA.. which is also released by kosmic music.. nd is released just this month..