Wednesday, May 09, 2007 Why Bash Hinduism?

may 9th, 2007

interesting post by abhishek.

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From: Abhishek

Dear Mr Rajeev,

I wrote an article on (a part of the blogcritics) based in
India. I protested against a write up written by an editor of the website.
She wrote about the interpretation of Sita's desertation by Lord Ram and
it "inspired" some whitey cartoonist based in US who drew parallels from
her story. It was an awful rendition of the scriptures and the cartoonist
seems to have taken extreme liberties with the Hindu symbolism.

The war of words that followed rallied all the Macaulayites criticising my
choice of words and getting generally verbose.

I thought that I could bring it to your notice and in general to a wider

Dr Abhishek Puri

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siva said...

Why Bash Hinduism?

Its easy, because we don’t issue fatwas. Start issuing them then all these morons will be gone in a flash.