Thursday, May 31, 2007

Community of differences
A very interesting piece by Mr. Grewal on how dissent or difference is shunned in the Sikh religious establishment.

This is the logical outcome of believing that all wisdom was revealed only to a select few prophets and is resident in only one revealed book. It is only that fact that Sikhism was born of the womb of its Hindu mother that has stopped it from becoming a totally fanatic death cult.

I must emphasise here that the central message of the Granth Sahib - which I have read several times over - is one not only of tolerance but of encouraging pluralism in our people. In fact the Granth Sahib is very Vaishnava in that sense. It is however, the politico-military identity that the final Guru gave us that has become deformed!

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sunil said...

I had posted a link to audio of Dr.Jakob DeRoove's lecture in houston on the topic of 'difference' and how it is perceived by semitics and hindus -