Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brits wake up to Pak links
The Brits wake up and find who is turning their capital into 'Londonistan'. This may have been occasioned by American threats to have Paki Brits apply for a visa prior to coming to America.
Overall, it is too late for the British. The only thing you can say in their favor is that the government does not sit on it's hands while passing anti-terror laws at home. This is more that can be said about the Mullah-hugging, POTA-hating idiots who run India!!!


san said...

Yeah, the Brits have lost, now that Blair has been ousted, with his more dhimmi supplicant replacement Gordon Brown coming in.

Meanwhile, the US Army has launched their own YouTube channel:

Hmm, it makes me wonder -- how come BJP or RSS have never considered launching a YouTube channel to spread their viewpoint? It's not like it costs a lot to do. All you need are even just cellphone-quality video cameras, and an internet connection to upload with. There's got to be someone within their ranks who knows just a tiny bit about broadcasting program formats.

habc said...

EU proposes monitoring radical mosques

"Security officials from Europe's largest countries backed a plan Saturday to profile mosques on the continent and identify radical Islamic clerics who raise the threat of homegrown terrorism.

The project, to be finished by the fall, will focus on the roles of imams, their training, their ability to speak in the local language and their sources of funding, EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini told a news conference after a meeting on terrorism."

Tambi Dude said...
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Shahryar said...

Excerpt from Vanity Fair June 2007 feature Londonistan Calling by Christopher Hitchens.

"Traditional Islamic law says that Muslims who live in non-Muslim societies must obey the law of the majority. But this does not restrain those who now believe that they can proselytize Islam by force, and need not obey kuffar law in the meantime. I find myself haunted by a challenge that was offered on the BBC by a Muslim activist named Anjem Choudary: a man who has praised the 9/11 murders as "magnificent" and proclaimed that "Britain belongs to Allah." When asked if he might prefer to move to a country which practices Shari'a, he replied: "Who says you own Britain anyway?" A question that will have to be answered one way or another."