Tuesday, May 22, 2007

United Passive Alliance

The IE rams the Kaangress sarkar for being incompetent.
The op-editor claims that even the *gasp* NDA was better!
As our columnist today argues, the NDA had more by way of both symbol and substance when it came to infrastructure and that the UPA’s failure is all the less defensible when one considers the economic policy talent it has at its disposal. Just one example makes the UPA’s confused thinking clear: three years have passed without a single step being taken in planning for regulators in the infrastructure sectors.
IE picks out MMS and MS (Montek) for being gassy with little impact. Perhaps this will be follwed by a "give it up to Rahul baba" recommendation?


kuraL said...

...the UPA’s failure is all the less defensible when one considers the economic policy talent it has at its disposal Talent? What talent? MMS and MSA are both bureaucratic hacks. MMS is cast in the Fabian/Stalinist mould and never really gave it up even when Rao'Garu carried the standard of reform forward. MSA created a sensation of sorts when his wife and he put forward some tame 'economic reform' schemes 20 years ago. That's all. Administrtive talent is not a function of knowledge of economic theory. India is still obsessed with the foreign credentialled folk (and in the case of you know who, foreign origin). MMS gets a free pass - notice how every time he is referred to as "the Oxbridge educated..." as if that makes him suited for running India! The NDA is the first homegrown political formation to have run the country - and see what a good job they did.

This is the same MMS who was trounced in the 1996 LS elections in Delhi when he ran against VK Malhotra. MMS shamelessly went around alleging that the Sikh pogrom in 1984 was organised by RSS sympathisers within the Congress and not true Congressmen. What a liar!

hokiepride said...

The useless attention wh_o_re fareed Zakaria is at it again.


He says that democracy in India has been *gasp* hijacked by minorities and that minorities get undue subsidies. May be sickularism is not good for India after all. Even he gets it, but our non-PM does not.

siva said...


Not so fast, what Zakaria refers to as minorities here are not his fellow Mussalmans but the so called affluent people, land owner etc etc. He is spewing the age old commie venom of class system... haves exploiting have nots and bull s*** like that. Remember he is one of those torch bearers of Nehru family in the west and he does not have any integrity or honesty to admit and criticize what his fellow religionists do in India in the name of their religion. After all it is still true that old habits die hard. When he writes about India, more often that not, it is not worth the paper it is written on.

siva said...

hokieprise said>>> The useless attention wh_o_re fareed Zakaria...

I like that, lol.