Saturday, May 12, 2007

FIACONA President arrested while attempting to murder Hindu

may 10th, 2007

the very aptly named (jaichand) christist convert exhibits his true tendencies. much like the sister abhaya murder and numerous other killings: the christist's semitic instinct is murder.

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From: Arvind

Do you know what the sentence for aggravated assault with intent to murder in Illinois is?

Crusader arrested in US for disrupting peaceful Hindu protest
5/9/2007 9:54:05 AM

Plan to disrupt the Peaceful Protest was foiled in Chicago

On May 6, 2007 nearly 500 people were peacefully protesting in Chicago expressing their concern for the plight of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh during Honorable Chief Minister's visit to USA.

A group of five people came into the middle of demonstration and started asking why we were doing the protest. One of the Protesters gave the booklet containing the information. Protesters took the booklets when they did not want. Then one gentleman, later identified as Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda went behind Mr Praveen Gandhi and started choking his throat with his fingers. Mr Gandhi was not even able to shout as his throat was being pressed very hard. Nearby police saw the incident immediately, rushed behind Dr Pallekonda pulled his hands off Mr Gandhi and handcuffed him.

Then took away from the Protest area and filed a case. Hearing is set for May 23, 2007 in Rosemont, Il. Mr. Gandhi was taken to the emergency hospital the next day due to the swollen glands. Dr. Pallekonda is seen on the left side of the picture with black outfit. Dr. Jayachand Pallekonda is President of Federation of Indian American Christian Organization of North America, Washington, DC.


Prakash said...

Off topic, You had some posts on the sethusamudram project. The following articles may interest you.

KapiDhwaja said...

More on the protests against the Andhra CM...

Shahryar said...

"Reddy spoke of a recent amendment to the Endowment Act giving autonomy to about 30,000 temples in the state with less than Rs.50,000 annual income."

So generous!

habc said...

I remember a case where supervisors at a automotive factory (Mitsubishi) in the Midwest were sexually harassing women and the women sued the Mitsubishi company - Mitsubishi in Japan had to pay up for the harassment done by supervisors.

Similarly if a good trial lawyer is found could FIACONA be similarly sued for the behaviour of its employee?

Sameer said...

Rajeev and others,

I am not surprised that none of the 'manstream' papers bothered to cover this part of the news.
There is no indication that there is any kind of protest, forget about an assault on protest.
All the news of these dirty papers is about 'human trafficking' and 'fake encounters' and now Mayawathi has become their attention to overlook other problems.

Chatrapath said...

Can someone publish this monkey's number? Also, can we contact his workplace and let them know that he attempted murder?

I'll be happy to dig up this information and make the phone calls.

Chatrapath said...

Jayachand Pallekonda at (847) 708-1959

Chatrapath said...

this is the anti-Hindu organization that Pallekonda leads...

It says that the CHURCH is PERSECUTED in India. Wow.

Vinay said...
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Chatrapath said...


Very noble of you to protect your father and congrats on your and your siblings' achievements. BUT SO SORRY---in the USA, we have laws and we just can't go around choking people---even if they are Hindus and the choker is one of God's Chosen, much like the pedophile priests that preach to you. I'm sure your murderer father will be fine...Sonia's and Rahul's handlers will take care of everything. the Indian Govt will intervene with all the power at their disposal due to all the infusion of Temple funds that Sonia and YSR now have at her discretion.

Chatrapath said...

Actually, why don't you use a few million of the new two-rupee christist coins to bail your murderer father out?

Who violated you first? Was it your priest or was it your father?

Vijay said...


We are indeed gratified to learn that your father is a non violent, hard working, socially responsible citizen.

But these are irrelevant to our thesis. Would you tell us what happened that fateful afternoon of May 6th, 2007.

Why did the police handcuff and arrest Mr Jayachand. Why was the victim admitted to the emergency ward.

Why should we email to you at

Why can't you clear it to us publicly. please do. We are eagerly waiting.

Narayanan said...

Dear Mr. Pallekonda:

Thank you for your post. Very touching, no pun intended. So was this parent of such accomplished MDs just feeling the Adam's apple of the alleged victim, or taking his temperature and pulse, when he grabbed him from behind? Or was he attempting a Heimlich Maneuver when he was so cruelly arrested by police and then ridiculed by all these extremists?

Or would you say that this was merely typical of the "bedside manner" (or should I say "backside manner") of the Pallekonda family of eminent physicians?

I am trying to understand your pain. It must be terrible to have a beloved relative arrested for attempted murder. The pain of the alleged victim must have been terrible too, wouldn't you say? Or was your father merely trying to put him out of his Heathen misery so that his Soul could be Saved?

Please feel free to answer here - no need for email etc.

Vinay said...
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Narayanan said...

When you say "he was not arrested", do you mean that he was handcuffed and then let loose on bail (no argument that he must be rich), or that he was merely stopped from murdering the poor victim? Because there certainly was violence committed. Or did the victim just get a "whiplash" due to the force-field of the eminent FIACONA Leader standing behind him?

Please clarify. Oh, yes, sure, we are all idiots etc, but we are not murderers or even unsuccessful murderers...

Vinay said...
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Vinay said...
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Vijay said...

Vinay says:
It is getting old and is rather droll. I apologize for using strong words like "idiots". I sincerely apologize.


But you seem to be the most enthusiastic participant here!!!

And you still have not explained as to what happened.

Here are more details from india tribune:

Vinay said...
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Vinay said...
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Vijay said...


Hallelujah, Praise Lord!!!! Your spirited defense of your pop is applauded. It tugs at my heartstrings.

But your are still are on weak terrain here for several reasons:

- We have not heard your version of the brutal unprovoked at attack yet.

-- You are just saying, na iti, na iti, not this not this. But your are not denying that something happened.

-- India tribune article is independent and impartial.

-- The police was also called to check on the charges filed. Was it battery charges or is that also figment of imagination.

-- C'mon buddy. Just own up. In true Christian style, Pops attempted a crusade here. And in true Christian style, we see here denial, deception and delusion here.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. The Christian style!

Vinay said...
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Vijay said...

Vinay is such a beautiful Sanskrit word meaning -- humble, courteous, polite.... none of which do not exemplify your arrogant nature.

Are you sure your name is not Vinny or Whinny?

We may be distorting the truth let us say the same aboutindia tribune.

But FIACONA's press release? The crusaders there are certainly not in denial mode. It looks more like damage control to me.

Ranajeet said...

It seems FIACONA crusaders are washing hands off their president.

Vinay, sorry to hear about your pop's alleged actions. I will leave it to the courts to decide his guilt

Johnny Kwest said...

Vinay Anna,

I would just like to commend you on your patience, perseverance, faith, and loyalty. God bless you my brother in Christ and a well deserved “Amen” on all of your replies! I have personally known the Pallekonda family for the past 17 years and what I have read about this unfortunate situation is so far from the truth. Mind you I am confessing right from the start that I was not present at the protest, but then again neither were any of you. From the articles and info you have provided on your blog I don’t see how you can accuse someone, who you know nothing of, to be a murderer based on a poorly written article of a situation that you were not present at. In all of your futile attempts to attack them you have only disgraced and embarrassed yourself and your intellect. Though there are a few questions I would like to pose to you (rhetorical questions I should say):

1. I wonder if you realize that Mr. Gandhi was taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department as well?

2. I wonder if you even question what it is that he could have done to deserve to be taken into custody also?

3. If this report is true:

“According to Pravinchandra Gandhi, who did not feel the impact of the assault at that moment, went home, but the pain in the neck began increasing in the night and became severe and unbearable by the time he reached his engineering office in the morning on May 7.”

4. I wonder what happened during his commute/drive to his office that made the pain so much more unbearable than it was when he initially woke up that morning?

5. Would this unfortunate situation receive as much attention if it had taken place between two people that belong to the Christian faith?

6. If the shoe was on the other foot and Mr. Pallekonda was the one that was allegedly (according to your accusations) a victim of attempted murder would you all be just as passionate as you are now about your claims and arguments?

7. Is it a coincidence that the reporter makes Mr. Gandhi look like the innocent victim, working in his favor, when only he and his camp (Mr. Gandhi that is) were the ones who cooperated and gave this reporter something to write?

8. Would the reporter have taken a different route with his article had he received some response from Mr. Pallekonda and his party?

I can keep on going but I am sure you have enough to contemplate. Again I remind you that those were only rhetorical questions and are only intended to get you to think, because from my point of view it looks to me like you guys are not doing much of that.

In response to a few of your comments:


I am curious of your age and your level of maturity, because when I see anyone revert to name calling as you did in the comment where you stated “Can someone publish this monkey's number?”, it instantly tells me that either the person calling the names does not know how to intelligently express their opinions or that they are simply children and not mature enough. I am also curious if you are a man/woman of your word and if you did in fact call his workplace and say what you had to say. I seriously doubt that you did. Word to the wise your bold move of posting personal information of people on the World Wide Web into the available access of anyone who knows how to use a computer, without the knowledge or consent of the person who the information belongs to could hold some serious consequences. Which again forces me to question your level of maturity because an adult would’ve thought of that beforehand. I am not personally a part of the FIACONA but I know for a fact that it is not “anti” anything, let alone an anti-Hindu organization. They are Christians and like all Christians they are pro-Christ. It is against our religion to hate anyone. We are taught to love our neighbors. We follow the principle of living by love. Please educate yourself in all aspects of your arguments and statements before making them because they will eventually blow up in your face as they have now. But I must say that you are quite amusing. When you so eloquently made your statements about the “pedophile priests” that preach to us and your curiosity as to “Who violated you first? Was it your priest or was it your father?”, I must say that I almost blushed with laughter and more so for the embarrassment that I felt for you, and let me tell you that blushing is a hard thing to do for a man of my brown complexion. Your “pedophile priests” that you spoke down about are in fact CATHOLIC priests who are part of the faith, system, and practice of the Catholic Church, not Christian. I can only imagine how you feel knowing that you embarrassed yourself in a public forum on something that would be common sense to almost anyone. Vinay is right, if you directed your negative energy into something positive you would accomplish great things.


Your attempts at sarcasm are really childish and weak. Also I really don’t want to know why you are curious of the Pallekonda family’s “bedside manner”. You sound a little lonely and you should get out and find some companionship.

Regarding a few of your comments:

“Or did the victim just get a "whiplash" due to the force-field of the eminent FIACONA Leader standing behind him?”

Force-field? Do you really believe in this? I think you need to put the comic books down buddy. Also Mr. Jayachand is NOT the FIACONA Leader. You would know this if you would’ve read ALL the info provided on this blog before reverting to sarcasm.

“Or was your father merely trying to put him out of his Heathen misery so that his Soul could be Saved?”

In our faith you simply need to accept Christ as your saviour in order to be Saved. Yet again your failure to educate yourself about something before mocking it has turned the tables on you and has given others the opportunity to mock you. Ignorance is a disease my brother, find the cure.


You sound like you want to stick to the subject at hand right from the start yet you put your foot in your mouth in following comments when you childishly take to name calling. You ask why the police allegedly arrested Mr. Jayachand yet conveniently you neither acknowledge nor explain why it was that Mr. Gandhi was also allegedly arrested. Your argument about Gandhi being submitted to the ER really holds no weight because we all know that in the US you can get admitted into the ER for a paper cut if you wanted it. You slyly find fault with Vinay in being “the most enthusiastic participant here”. I don’t know you or what family life you lead but if it was myself, or any Indian for that fact, I would be the most enthusiastic participant too if I read or heard such strong and false accusations as you guys are making in your comments. And no offense intended but you keep asking for an explanation and in my personal opinion I don’t think anything is owed to you. This is a matter between the Pallekondas, the Gandhis, The State of Illinois, and all of their respective Gods. Not any business of yours, mine or anyone else but the parties I just mentioned. Your attempt to express your intellect when it comes to Sanskrit by explaining the meaning of Vinay’s name contradicted itself in the very next sentence when you choose to immaturely call him names and took a cheap shot at him. That was uncalled for, and come on brother you know I am speaking the truth. But the smartest thing you have said yet is “Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. The Christian style!”. Amen my brother! Maybe one day we can convert you too and show you what salvation and living in Christ and in love really feels like.

I commend all of you on your support of Mr. Gandhi but where was all of this passionate support when he was allegedly (according to you guys) being murdered? Are you telling me that with all of the supporters there that day there was not one person with the courage or passion similar to yours to step up and help Mr. Gandhi during this alleged incident? I am not a gambling man but I would bet my money that even if all of you were there you would probably not have done anything either. Anyone can type some hurtful words on an internet blog and think big of themselves, as you guys have. So let’s be adults and end all this negativity. All of my above statements are not intended to offend or rub any of you all the wrong way. Just wanted to point out some of the flaws and holes in your opinions as I am sure you will find many in mine. But please be assured that you will be wasting your time making comments directed to me. I intend to never come back to a negative blog as this one. So any comments you make arguing or degrading me and mine will be left here without my knowledge of them and you will be continuing to feeding more fuel to this fire of ignorance. Though I am sure my words are probably falling on deaf ears and there will be a plethora of responses and ignorance to follow I bid you all adieu. And may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all!


Vijay said...

Johnny, Johnny.
Yes papa, papa.
Telling lies.
No papa

Open your mouth, ha, ha, ha.

This guys says Christ will bless us all!!! What a bozo. Christ is the very reason for the holocaust, genocide, inquisition, crusades, and death and destruction of tens of cultures, civilizations, peoples.. their impoverishment, enslavement and decimation .. ask the Native Indians, Hawaiians, Aborigines, Maoris, African...

This bozo does not realize the simple fact that a batterry charge has been filed against Pallekonda, the strangler. So now what.. the police are also lying!!

Kahan se aa jatein hain ye namoone!

Vijay said...

Since when is the Christ blessing idol worshipping, non Christians.

For non Christians, the bible, and Jesus, promises only hell and gore now and eternally.

Another naked lie of Johnny, Johnny, yes papa.

Narayanan said...

So, DOCTOR Vinay Pallekonda, "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED", hey? We are all being childish, hey?

What about the Rosemont, Chicago POLICE? Are they being childish too, DOCTOR Vinay Pallekonda?

From the Rosemont Police files

Jayachand Pallekonda, 62, of 4110 Potter, Des Plaines, was charged with battery after he allegedly chocked a demonstrator with his hands outside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 9301 Bryn Mawr Ave. at 5:39 p.m. May 6."

NOTHING happened, hey? Choking 70-year-olds is NOTHING to the oh-so-distinguished Pallekonda family, is it?

I couldn't help noticing your interpretation of "bedside manner", DOCTOR Vinay Pallekonda. Hey, doctor Pallekonda, REAL doctors are supposed to have a "bedside manner" that comforts their patients. YOU, on the other hand, seem to associate "bedside manner" with sex.

You have a lot of sex with your patients, DOCTOR VINAY Pallekonda?

Don't get it at home or in the semen-ary, DOCTOR Pallekonda?

Now that we know all about your standards of honesty, from your posts here, contrasted with the Police Blotter, you don't need to answer that. We can guess what sort of DOCTOR you are.

Doctor of Divinity, I presume? I mean, given your level of honesty and your bedside manner and all?

Vinay said...
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Vinay said...
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Vijay said...


Could you specifically comment on this police report. It is from the police files:

From the Rosemont Police files

Jayachand Pallekonda, 62, of 4110 Potter, Des Plaines, was charged with battery after he allegedly chocked a demonstrator with his hands outside the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 9301 Bryn Mawr Ave. at 5:39 p.m. May 6."

Vinay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Narayanan said...

NOW we are ALL able to see the Eminent Pallekonda Family of Physicians in their true colors and Bedside Manner. Oh, yeah, I am all eager to send my email address to such a civilized person, who is OF COURSE not violent, etc. (I mean, look at Daddy-O, the alleged "70-Choker" Doctor Jaichand Pallekonda.

Er.. DOCTOR Vinay Pallekonda, if you ever want to swing from one branch of your Family Tree to another, please remember to take a Bail Bond certificate with you...

The transformation from the oh-so-peaceful-Eminent Family of Physicians to the REAL PALLEKONDA NATURE is very impressive. I hope someone reads out his post above, at the felony trial.

DOCTOR Vinay Pallekonda, stating the truth is not libel. Thank you for proving what you and your family really are, and for providing the clear evidence of how dishonest and violent and uncivilized you are.

"Educated"? Where? in the Binori Madarssa? Columbine High? Viginia Tech?

Thanks for letting us know that you have a BOARED education. A BOAR manner too, thank you very much.

Man (sorry, that should be Overgrown Brat), you are a violent, foul-mouthed, irrational, and completely dishonest, pathetic brat. Your patients (those still alive and not subjected to your Bedside Manner) should be warned.

Thanks for providing the PROOF above, for what you and your tribe really are.

Er.. You WERE trying to make absolutely SURE that your daddy got convicted on a felony, weren't you? So you could get his house? Get elected FIACONA President and choke people? Nice going!

Vijay said...


If some guy were to make false accusation, do you really think the police are that dumb. Pallekonda senior was caught on the act and handcuffed, for Christ's sake.

And the police report authenticates it.

But go ahead. I do see some entertainment value in your rants.

Vinay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nizhal yoddha said...

i let this twit pallekonda rant and rave here for two reasons:

1. i have been too busy and traveling so i didnt have much time

2. i kind of figured giving him some rope would be good for him to hang himself

i am delighted that (2) has succeeded quite nicely based strictly on his utterances on this blog, see above.

pallekonda has shown himself to be:

a. a patronizing, holier-than-thou, pompous ass
b. a foul-mouthed low-life
c. totally devoid of logic
d. a persistent liar

perfect christist, in other words.

in fact, he'll make a perfect godman. maybe after ratzy kicks the bucket, they'll saint pallekonda and make him the next godman?

also, if this is the kind of low-IQ vermin that is the enemy, that's great news: we have some hope! by his own claims, he's a great success in his own eyes and presumably in the eyes of his fellow-christists. if this low-life is what they consider a great guy, they really need that (fictional) yhwh to help them! come to think of it, pallekonda does exhibit a lot of yhwh characteristics: accessory to murder, lying, tendency to genocide, threats to murder, foul-mouthedness. maybe pallekonda *is* yhwh?

a. patronizing. for some reason, pallekonda thinks his various doctor degrees impresses people. it simply shows the low standards of the medical schools he went to. this is like how dan quayle is a poor advertisement for depauw university law school. can someone look up pallekonda junior's (and senior's) track records? how many people have they killed? how many state boards have banned them? also, how would the state board where pallekonda junior is licensed like to see the kind of stuff he's spewing on this blog? will some kind soul bring to the board's attention what this true healer is spending his time on?

b. logical genius. he seems to think that just because he and his siblings are all doctors, we should accept his word what pallekonda senior (jaichand), also a doctor, is innocent. this is like saying jack the ripper was innocent because he was a doctor. or that joseph mengele was innocent because he was a doctor. i have news for the moron, doctoring does not necessarily imply anything about a person's moral worth.

in fact most people go into doctoring simply because it's lucrative, not to serve humanity. given the pallekonda family track record, including attempted murder, i think we can safely assume that the pallekondas went into doctoring to make money.

oh, so they go to india and offer free medical services? how many of those poor people survived? and how many of these 'free medical services' were in the pursuit of conversion jamborees?

further example of sterling logic: pallekonda senior is a family man, so how could he be a terrorist? well, sorry, but pervez musharraf is a family man, and we know about his activities with the ISI. augusto pinochet was a good family man too, and probably attila the hun was a good family man, too.

yet another example of sterling logic: the pallekonda family snared a HINDHU [sic -- what on earth is a HINDHU]? here's the quote:

"His daughter is a doctor as well who married married a cardiologist WHO IS FROM A PROMINENT HINDHU FAMILY."

what does that mean? the poor sap from a "prominent hindu family" promptly converted and became a christist too? in any case, what is this supposed to prove? that some moron born of hindu parents (note, he was not a hindu, but just born of hindu parents) was snagged (blackmailed?) into marrying a christist? there are morons born every day.

so much for the famous pallekonda logic. this person should not be allowed to graduate from middle school with this level of understanding of logic and rhetoric. his entire first epistle was full of logical fallacies.

c. foul-mouthed lowlife. there have been examples aplenty

d. a consistent liar. he keeps saying pallekonda senior did not attack anybody. well, the police blotter says differently. pallekonda is attempting the usual christist tactic of "truth by repeated assertion". he is an exemplary christist. examples of the use of this tactic include:

1. jesus christ existed. yes, he did. he did, too. oh yes, he did. see, at least four times, you have heard that jesus christ existed. therefore it must be true.

2. 'saint' thomas came to india. and yes, he was martyred in chennai. and oh yes, his skeleton is under the razed kapaliswara temple. he also went to kerala and laid a wooden cross there (among other things). oh yes, 'saint' thomas came to india in 52 CE. actually, he *could have* come to india in 52 CE [copyright william dalrymple]. actually, the moon *could* be made of green cheese. oh, never mind.

3. jesus had 13 foreskins. in fact, 'saint' catherine was given one as her 'wedding ring'. yes, as soon as jesus harvested one, another one would grow. a true miracle, that showed that he was son of god. yes, every one of those foreskins was personally the foreskin of jesus and has been so certified. 'saint' bridget was given a jesus foreskin by an angel, and got orgasms by sucking on it.

4. sister abhaya was not raped or murdered under the bishop's order. sister abhaya killed herself by jumping in the well. see, the chemical examiner's report says 'no semen found in her genitals', after we quietly added the 'no'. see, the post-mortem report page was torn from the official log book, so that we have no record saying 'death by rape and asphyxiation'. see, so sister abhaya was not raped or murdered to keep the church's secrets safe.

5. 100s of people wrote to pallekonda junior supporting him. why, make that 1000s of people. even 100,000 people wrote to him. they are all willing to march en masse to the US capitol demanding that the police immediately delete from their blotter the charge-sheet against pallekonda senior. yes, they must do this because being a christist, pallekonda is a minority person who is above the law. minority people can get away with murder, see number 4 above. say what, christists are not a minority in america? oops, never mind.

what a piece of shit this pallekonda is. and he uses a hindu name, vinay. let me suggest a better name for him:

thomas francis xavier m. teresa pallekoda

that would be apt, since it puts together in one place all the biggest frauds in indian history.

pallekonda senior, by the way, has been good. he has named himself jaichand, the biggest traitor in indian history. what a perfect name!

finally, pallekonda junior is appalled that someone would make up stuff. even though in this case of the attempted murder of pravin gandhi, a 70 year old, nothing is made up, where was pallekonda's moral indignation when it was found out that the jhabua nuns case was made up? what about the alleged attack on a nun, who it turned out later, had hysterically scratched herself up? in these and innumerable other cases, the christists made up stuff. so if someone is hurting pallekonda with made-up stuff, it's simply poetic justice. in fact, in this case, the record is pretty clear that jaichand did attempt to strangulate someone. jaichand forgot for a moment that this was not india, where a phone call to john dayal and cedric prakash would be enough to fix mass murder (as in the case of the muringoor 'divine' retreat. they just had their 976th victim die, but what's a 976 murders between friends, wink, wink, nudge, nudge?).

to conclude this, 'thomas francis xavier m. teresa' pallekonda is a first-class turd.

a question to you guys: shall we retain his posts for their entertainment value (and for someone to complain to the medical board) or just delete them?

Vijay said...


Dagtar Vinay, son of the illustrous son of high and might Dr Jayachand Pallekonda, follower of the one only true religion of Yesu Christu offers immense insights into the minds of the budding crusader.

This preacher/entertainer's desperation, denials, deceptions. Mendacity, boorishness, arrogance, complete refusal to acknowledge facts -- These are all priceless gems, worth preserving.

This buffoon is giving us a 2 in deal here. Just like cassete player plus cassette recorder. Entertainment and enlightenment!!

I say, let the show go on. Hallelujah!, halleluja !

Narayanan said...

Nizhal Yoddha: PLEASE do not delete the good DOCTOR VINAY PALLEKONDA's posts. They are definite proof of his true nature. Someone should send those for psycho-analysis - it may save dozens of innocent lives.

But I have to disagree with u on one thing:
"i think we can safely assume that the pallekondas went into doctoring to make money."

No way. The Al Capone da tribe obviously are way beyond mere lucre. They are OBVIOUSLY in it for all the intimate people-contact.

1. Look at his assumption regarding the term "bedside manner". The term automatically meant "sex with unconscious patients" to him.

2. Look at all that stuff about going to India so they can be with innocent villagers, giving "advice". Oh, yeah? Like those San Francisco "priests" "gave advice" to all those kids?

3. Look at what they do when they are let loose in a crowd - immediately creep up behind someone, and grab their necks! And that's in PUBLIC! Imagine what would happen if these guys were allowed to be alone in a room with a partially undressed patient?

Menace to society, the AlCaponeDas. Chicago's Finest have their work cut out, protecting the citizeny from this goon gang.

Do keep his posts, please. The transformation from "eminent altruistic Christian physician family" to shrieking Godzilla, is as dramatic as it is hilarious.

Seriously, this is evidence, and has tremendous diagnostic value in the hands of a competent criminal psychiatrist. I am going to ask an authority in this field to take a good look at his posts - and convey his findings to the "BOARED" that this guy infests. They do need to "CERTIFY" him, and quickly.

I mean, seriously. I have a decade of experience in chit-chatting on the internet with rabid Pakistanis and Khalistanis including ones who claimed to be expert with AK-47s and RDX, but never have I felt the chill that I feel when I read this guy's posts. And he wants everyone to send him our email addresses etc.

You should have christened him "Jeffrey" after the famous Xtian Gourmet, Rev. J. Dahmer of Wisconsin. I trust that you remember him and his habit of using his freezer like one of those "crypts" of Xtian tradition?

Vijay said...

I was going thru Vinay's first posting. It is really hilarious taken in context to our subject matter.

"Mr. Jayachand is a hard working man, who is in the sunset of his career and life. He has accomplished more than most of us hope for in our own lives. He is happy in life. He has financial security, a loving family, and is a peaceful loving man. "

Narayanan said...

"..a peaceful loving man, with sons who are equally peace-full and loving other men, who just happen to try to murder anyone who disagree with them on anything, and think "bedside manner" for medical doctors refers to raping unconscious patients."

This guy should be a Vice Admiral in the Pakistan Navy. You know, where the Vice of the Vice Admiral is the ----- of the Rear Admiral.

Mr. Gandhi is lucky that the attacker only had time to choke him, not make him unconscious. Moral of the story: NEVER let a FIACONA leader stand behind you. And NEVER go, or let your children go, to a FIACONA "medical doctor", not to mention "Reverend". It just ain't worth the risk.

HERE is the good DOCTOR Vinay "AlCaponeda" Pallekonda HIMSELF, showing his true colors:

"And little boy you better hope you never run into me! Enough of the nice guy in me. I will kick your little indian ass all over the place. You uneducated little pervert. If you have the balls, come out and meet me in Michigan you little piece of shit. You have insulted my family for toooooo long. Little bastard."

If that's not a CLEAR THREAT OF VIOLENCE AGAINST LITTLE BOYS, I don't know what is. Sounds like he has a LOT of experience at being violent, too, and fantasizes all the time about committing violence against little boys. Maybe little girls too. Or little dogs, cats, anything.

Hey, the State of Michigan does appears to have some wonderful Pallekonda MDs "certified" by their "BOARED" (true proof of the vast ejjikashun of the Pallekonda Family of Eminent Physicians - except in spelling or civilization).

Narayanan said...

O Krishna save the children of Michigan! Look at this:


"Our Physicians

Anesthesia Critical Care


Vinay Pallekonda, M.D.



Arvind said...

"He raised three sons who if any of you would meet are exceptional accomplished, decent, loving human beings. They went on to all become doctors. They went on to marry wonderful women ..."
...His daughter is a doctor as well who married married a cardiologist WHO IS FROM A PROMINENT HINDHU FAMILY.

What a bigot you are. Is the daughter not a decent human being? Why not? Just because she married a Hindu? Did your father try killing her for it?

Narayanan said...

So Doctor Vinay Pallekonda, of U. Michigan Medical school, Anesthesiologist, fantasizes about the "balls" of "little boys", and what he would like to do to them if he ever finds little boys in Michigan:

"And little boy you better hope you never run into me! Enough of the nice guy in me. I will kick your little indian ass all over the place. .. If you have the balls, come out and meet me in Michigan you little piece of shit. ..Little bastard.""

Is this
Oakwood Physician
Vinay Pallekonda, MD 1500 E Medical Center Drive
1H247 UH Box 0048
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone 734-936-4271
Fax 734-936-9091
Hospital Affiliations: Oakwood Hospital & Medical Center

Vinay Pallekonda, Clinical Lecturer in Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Anesthesia Critical Care

Seems like a hick of the worst kind, and obviously violent to the point of being rabid. One has to wonder what sorts of people the Board of Regents of Michigan, and the hospital administrators of Oakwood hospital and the U.Mich hostpital, appoint to positions where they are allowed to be alone with children. This is shocking.

This "evangelism" business is far more evil than I had ever imagined. Perverts getting medical degrees! Ugh!

Narayanan said...

Ha Ha Ha! The brave hero of U. Michigan's Anesthesiology Department, Son of the Chicago Strangler, seems to have deleted all his posts and vamoosed!

But do not despair, O brave Vanquisher of Little Boys and Girls!
We have saved your posts, that's why it's called "POST-E_Rite-y" Here are some excerpts.

My name is Vinay Pallekonda. Yes, as you intelligent people may see, I share the same name as the "terrible crusader" that tried to "kill" a peaceful protester. I read all the internet stories with awe and wonder how with a few words you could make a person appear completely what they are not.

,,, The Pallekonda family made up of many medical professionals are US citizens as is Mr. Pallekonda, but they have a deep love for their mother land. They often go back and serve the indigent population in free clinics at least once a year.

….. So pray tell why he would go behind a protester and "choke him until his glands are swollen". The answer is HE WOULDN'T. So please I ask all who visit this site, let's STOP these false accusations based on some very suspicious photographs that basically amounts to propaganda. Let's stop this nasty accusations of a man who has no tainted past. This situation with got way out of hand, I am sure for everyone who has any sense would agree, for political reasons.

….So essentially what we have here is a few pictures and video clips that someone takes an fabricates a fantastic tale.

If anyone wishes to have more intelligent discussion regarding this matter please do not hesistate to email me at:

Thank You,
Vinay Pallekonda, MD
# posted by Vinay : 5/14/2007 5:16 PM

Okay... Thanks for the response. A few of them were thought out and intelligent, but most of them were pretty childish and uneducated. Where do the idiots who say that Mr. Pallekonda got arrested get their idiotic tales from? He was NOT arrested. …..

I have nothing against any of the people that "read" this fantastic story and get a little excited, but I ask them to just stop, take a deep breath, and see the story for what it is. MADE UP!!

And Chatrapath, why all the antagonist hatred in your communication. Please channel that disgust and contempt towards something positive. Who knows maybe you can find some happiness.

# posted by Vinay : 5/17/2007 8:15 AM


There was no strangling, attempted murder, or anything of the sort that went on. There is picture of an old man on a bed with a C-collar on that was taken the day after the alleged altercation. Give me a break. Give it up brother. There was no arrest. There are just some poor phone camera images of people being escorted away by the police. What happened to all the pictures of the others that were escorted out? Grow up and stop all this hatred. It is getting old and is rather droll. I apologize for using strong words like "idiots". I sincerely apologize.

# posted by Vinay : 5/17/2007 3:33 PM

# posted by Vinay : 5/17/2007 3:33 PM

I want to sincerely thank the hundreds of people that have emailed me who have given you kind words of support at this time. Bless each and everyone of you. It has been a tremendous response. It is heartwarming to know that just because people make up stories about others and post them on the internet DOES NOT make the masses follow blindly.

thank you,
# posted by Vinay : 5/18/2007 4:01 PM

# posted by Vijay : 5/18/2007 7:23 PM

Hi Vijay,
Thanks for the response. I saw the clip that you sent me from the India tribune. Still doesn't really say anything. You have a picture of man in a C-Collor. I have about 200 such pictures in my medical archives. Some are real accident victims, but a lot are malingerers. You can see who the fakers are when see them day in and day out.

Allow me a few lines to educuted you a little about how things work in the legal and medical arena.

First of all, where is the photograph of Pravinchandra Gandhi(PG) being handcuffed? Convenient that you don't show that, isn't it? Stop the lies, there was no arrest and no bail set.

Secondly. There are 4 different stories that are going around.... He grabbed him from the front and lifted him off the ground, he grabbed him from behind and lifted him, he threw him down to the ground... all of these scenarios were reported in various blog sites. So whenever there are 4-5 variations to a story, they most definitely are made up. Remember that game we used to play in school where a person says something in one person's ear and it keeps going down a chain of people and the last person has to stand up and say aloud what he heard; the story he recites sounds nothing remotely related to the orginal story....I believe the game is called "how rumors get started". This a classic example of that game, except you are playing with someone's life and it is NOT funny.

If PG got chocked to the point that he had to "check himself into a hospital", you don't think that the fine police force of Chicago, who are all trained in basic life support and have to pass an exam in life support (which involves looking for injuries, stabalizing unstable patients and resusitating them back to life) don't notice any injuries on a man's neck that warrant him to go "to an Emergency room"? Please don't insult our Boys in Blue like that. The article you quoted clearly says that both JP and PG went to a police station, but the police don't notice the injuries? When someone gets throttled (choked) with any force longer than 10 seconds, the venous return from the head and neck gets impeded. This results in increased venous pressure which back logs into the opthalmic circulation (blood flow to the eyes) and causes capillary rupture that results in bleeding into the conjuctiva (the whites of this eye). It presents itself as quite a greusome picture. You don't think that a police officer in one of the finest cities in america would not be able to pick that up and send him to an ER??? Where were the bruises on his neck from the strangulation??? Lifting someone off the ground while throttling resulted in no ecchymosis (bruising: which any police officer would identify)?? OR was it that the police officer did not see it? These officers who are highly trained in law enforcement and life support?

Why did PG wait till the next morning to go to the ER? BECAUSE HE WAS TOLD TO DO SO THAT SOMEONE CAN TAKE A PICTURE OF HIM AND POST IT ON THE INTERNET AND SPIN A FANTASTIC FAIRY TALE. I am surprised someone didn't hire Steven Speilberg or a Bollywood make up artist to "make it more real" Probably because they didn't think of it.

Come on even you have to admit the whole thing is down right silly.

# posted by Vinay : 5/18/2007 11:13 PM

Absolutely nothing happened. You have NOTHING except a picture of a grey haired gentleman in a C-Collar. You have not responded to any of the holes that are in your theory. India Tribune falsified a story. Period.... I don't have to defend anything because nothing happened.

Give it up brother. I think I am done here. If you think of anything, I mean ANYTHING intelligent to correspond to me with I will be more than happy respond to you. Until then keep your meandering thoughts to you and your croony friends.

# posted by Vinay : 5/19/2007 4:25 PM


You little piss ant, insignificant little boy. The adjudication met today in the Rosemont city hall (not the court you lying idiot). Your precious little Mr. Ghandi did not even show up!!! For an "old man who had attempted murder against him" to not show up; give me a break you fascist pig. Making nothing into a Hindu-christian thing. You are pathetic. My dad's hindu friends who are hundreds in number have more respect for him than you could ever dream of. You are going to have to stand in front of your maker one day and have to answer to him. god help you.

All I have to say is, all the sites that defamed a good man's name better watch out. You are all on shaky legal ground. Last I checked public slander is a jailable offense.

And little boy you better hope you never run into me! Enough of the nice guy in me. I will kick your little indian ass all over the place. You uneducated little pervert. If you have the balls, come out and meet me in Michigan you little piece of shit. You have insulted my family for toooooo long. Little bastard.

As I said repeatedly, NOTHING HAPPENDED NOW THERE IS PROOF!!!! IT IS OVER SO GIVE UP YOUR HATRED LITTLE GIRL. What are you going to do now??? How are you going to spin your tail now??? Are you going to accuse JP of preventing him from showing up some how. You pathetic piece of shit?

It must have been hard on you being raised by two women. I still don't understand why your panzy father could have chopped your balls off and made you into a cross dressing transvestite.
# posted by Vinay : 5/23/2007 9:14 PM


Why don't you google my name. You will note that I am Boared in 3 medical specialties, I.E. I have more education in my little pinky than you have in your whole family tree. You pathetic piece of crap.
# posted by Vinay : 5/23/2007 9:37 PM

For what??????

Some guy went and made false accusations. I have nothing to defend. You as teh idiotic accuser have to give the proof. Anyone can file any thing. That is why it says "ALLEGEDLY" you freakin idiot. I don't have to defend anything. It is clear what happend. Some guy was out to make a good man appear bad and it didn't work.

You guys all make me laugh. You fascist pigs....

Make up stories about people only for you own agenda.

Nothing any of you idiots have written in this blog amounts to any debateable points.

So many decent people emailed me and said they will reserve their judgements until they see what the courts decided. Now you have it... NOTHING... it didn't even go to court... didn't even make it to an adjudicator... What ever "argument" led up to this tall tale all of you fascists conjured up had nothing whatsoever to do with a hindu-christian thing and YOU KNOW IT!!! Like a true fascists you spin a tale to get people excited. Your mission failed. I got hundreds of emails from good hindu's and christians alike whose message was unity of mankind NOT the division which idiots like you try to create.

# posted by Vinay : 5/24/2007 6:24 AM

U. Michigan's and the Oakwood Hospital's finest. O those fantasies of pedophilia! Those threats of violence against children! That bedside manner!

Jeffrey Dahmer must be turning in his grave.

By the way, when I come to Michigan, as you invited, where should I come to see you, Dr. Vinay Pallekonda? The University of Michigan Anesthesia Critical Care department? Or Oakwood Hospitals? Who should I ask for? The Terror of Little Boys and Little Girls?

nizhal yoddha said...

i suppose pallekonda junior's lawyer advised him that he had just made a complete ass of himself by posting his true thoughts on the net and that the medical board of michigan would not take too kindly to it.

fortunately, i do have all the emails generated by pallekonda's posts. this will serve as evidence, as will a cached version of this blog before his deletions.

isn't one of narayan's friends filing a motion before the michigan board to defrock this dangerous person who has a penchant for little boys? the board surely does not want to be named a defendant in a case of pedophilia (or S&M performed on children, as pallekonda clearly articulated he wanted to do here: something about crushing little boys' balls?)

so this guy is a bully as well as a coward in addition to his deviant sexual preferences. this display should be enough to cost him his BOARED [sic] license to practice. ann arbor, michigan will be a little safer after that.

nizhal yoddha said...

i just re-read pallekonda junior's outpourings.

he has caused offense in several ways:

1. racism: "kick your little indian ass all over the place". i dont think native americans would like to hear this from their doctors

2. little boys and girls

3. tranvestites and other differently-clothed individuals

4. lesbians. he made it a point to denigrate children brought up by two women.

5. the uneducated and perverts. he implied that perverts were uneducated and vice versa. this should offend both the uneducated and perverts.

6. 'panzy' [sic] fathers. this should annoy gay men too.

indeed, thomas francis xavier m teresa pallekonda is a genius at making friends and influencing people!

as for his address, narayan, when you visit Michigan you should probably check with the police in Rosemont, MI. he should be well known to law enforcement, along with his father whom he probably bailed out. you might also want to seek police protection given the threats to your life and to your ahem... crown jewels (he threatened to chop them off).

nizhal yoddha said...

the miracles of computing technology these days: here's a cache *before* pallekonda deleted and ran:

brownsugarpimpdaddygogogadget said...


Narayanan said...

I think Dr. Vinay Pallekonda may just have snorted a bit too much of his "anesthetic" from the cub-BOARED at U. Mich Anesthesiology Department. His bravado is clearly limited to the closed confines of the hospital, like those "Reverends" out in San Francisco get all courageous only behind the closed doors of the Confessional.

Thge bugger (no pun intended) probably does a war dance every time he puts someone under the choloform or hashish or whatever they use out there.

Narayanan said...

Oh! And he's brilliant too! Now, with that post from brownsugarblahblah, we all immediately believe that we have been spoofed. Oh, yes! Sure!

Or should we just doubt that Dr. V. Pallekonda is really the son of Mr. J. Pallekonda as he claimed? Spoofed there too, I assume? I don't see that it matters much to me either way...

Vijay said...

Look at this way:

The father found out it was not good to mess around with Hindus' feelings anymore in the real world

Now the son also learnt it the hard way.

Anyway his email is still up there:

Narayanan said...

Nah! The REAL "Dr" Pallekonda is this one:

As the twerp above said, his daddy CAN'T be the gentle, sweet, generous, philanthropis Jaichand Pallekonda.

The one who posted here was obviously fathered by someone raised in the gutter and he himself was brought up in a pigsty, among other residents of the same. SURELY this cannot be a member of the Pallekonda Family of Eminent and Extremely Educated, BOARED-certified Physicians With Bedside Manners and Pedophile/ Strangler Fantasies? Unless... nah! never mind.

nizhal yoddha said...

the gentleman who goes by the moniker brown sugar pimp whatever clearly doesn't realize that IP addresses can be traced and are traced under court order. yes, the ISP is compelled to release it.

so much for his vast knowledge of computers.

wouldn't it be rather a curious coincidence if the IP of brown sugar pimp turns out to be some little-used machine in the oakwood hospital or the u mich anesthesia center or in the pallekonda family estate?

Yuno said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vijay said...

I missed yuno's post. Can someone dig it and and post if worthwhile

Yuno said...

I was just wondering if the one who posted here is actually the son of maybe the chauffer or gardener of the gentle Jaichand Pallekonda, head of the family of Eminent Physicians...

But never mind..