Monday, May 14, 2007

yes, malaysia, truly mohammedan, not truly asian

may 14th, 2007

malaysians are taking the lead in being more-mohammedan-than-thou. thank you, saudi arabia! your extreme fanaticism is catching on.

and let's note that the country is only about 60% mohammedan, and that 80% of the wealth is in the hands of the chinese. once again, whenever and wherever mohammedans reach a certain level of the population, they indulge in brutalizing non-mohammedans. this is true even for the allegedly 'gentle' malays and indonesians, not so violent and bloodthirsty (or so it is believed) as the barbarian arabs. looks like mohammedanism makes everybody an arab (which it is meant to).

tarun vijay is editor of the RSS mouthpiece panchajanya.

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Not truly Asian
9 May, 2007 l 1437 hrs IST lTarun Vijay

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My last visit to Kuala Lumpur and its outskirts showcased a vibrant, futuristic society which boasted a booming economy and the strength to resist "western pressures", as they tried to put it.

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KapiDhwaja said...

Yes, and India wants to sell our supersonic cruise missile-Brahmos to the 'gentle' Malays, so that they can hand it over to the Pakis, Saudis & the Chinese.

As Rajeev said, don't be taken in by the 'gentle' Islamic Malays & Indonesians. I have seen very disturbing pictures of Mohammedan Indonesians slaughtering each other in an intra-community fight. If I understand correctly, the English word 'run-amok' is from the Malaysian word 'Amok/Amuk', which is to go bananas and slaughter everything in your path, supposedly in a ritual manner.

indian_indian said...

Yes--the Malaysians are truly on their way to complete "Fanatic Islamization". Look at this story for instance:

nizhal yoddha said...

what i said about 'gentle' malays four years ago.

the place gives me the creeps. so i have personally not traveled for a long time via kuala lumpur or malaysian airlines despite the fact that they have good fares and a good air terminal.

yes, kapidhwaja, the running amok business was invented by malays, who would run around with their kris (short sword) creating serious mayhem.

nizhal yoddha said...

the malay bigots are doing all these things against the hindus because of three reasons:

1. if they did anything to christists, they'd have old godman ratzinger (known in some circles as god's rottweiler) on their tail, which can be quite unpleasant

2. the tamils (most of the hindus in malaysia) are the poorest of the lot. they have continued to be plantation laborers. the chinese esp in penang have thrived in industry, including IT. the malays have had a good deal as 'bumiputras' (yes, reservation) getting most of the oil windfall. the tamils have done badly for themnselves. when i have been to malaysia, i found tamils were are the bottom of the pile. so they are vulnerable.

3. attacking hindus has no negative consequences. the indian government will certainly not object if you kill or harass hindus, in fact it will encourage the same. now, on the other hand, if some cartoonist in denmark draws a picture of mohammed, the indian government will surely get very upset.

san said...

But Rajeev, the Islamists are only treating their Ummah as one big caste. Consequently, they are then practicing casteism by favouring their own, and disfavouring the infidels outside the Ummah caste. Islamism has then forged unity amongst their Ummah caste and sought to differentiate that Ummah caste from the infidels outside it.

And those of us who are outside the Ummah caste can then see firsthand the unpleasant reality of their internal favoritism and discrimination towards outsiders.

This is why we should not imitate their example.

AGworld said...

In 20 years, both Malaysia and Indonesia will reduce themselves to talibanistic barbaric islamist states.

Another news item, today from Singapore

"Hindu man wants Muslim wife released
KUALA LUMPUR — The religious authorities in Malaysia insist they were right to detain a Muslim woman living with her Hindu husband, a marriage considered illegal under Islamic laws, a news report said yesterday."

"Mr Khusrin said that no coercion was used, and the woman asked Jais to put her in a rehabilitation centre, where errant Muslims are taught to strengthen their faith."

So marrying a Hindu man = compromising ones faith.
These people are such bigots!

Unfortunately, since there is no negative consequence with butchering hindus, it will go on.
I fear Bali will also be arabised and destroyed.
I was there recently and was invited to a live Puja in one of the temples.
The head priestess was a woman and she was chanting in Sanskrit!

Shahryar said...

Excerpt from Malaysia’s fumbling modernity by Farish A Noor

"The other factor that accounts for the uneven state of Malaysia’s development is its racial-communitarian politics, a throwback to the colonial era which the post-colonial leaders of Malaysia have not seen fit to discard. Many of the more rightwing religious-communitarian groups may wear the mask of civil society organisations and look like NGOs, but are little more than sectarian groupings that are using the tools of civil society to undermine it.

The moral panic they have generated concerning inter-religious marriages is as much driven by the collective desire by some sections of the Malay-Muslim community to make it more difficult for non-Malays and non-Muslims to marry Malays in the country. Here race, rather than religion, is the real driving force; and the conflict that has arisen out of many cases of inter-racial marriages stems from this desire to ensure that the Malay-Muslims remain the dominant group in the country. (Odd, considering that inter-racial marriages have always been common in Malaysia in the past.)"

Prof Farish A Noor is currently visiting professor at UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Jogjakarta and is one of the founders of the