Saturday, May 05, 2007

Left in the past
Tavleen Singh is a Johnny-come-lately to the left bashing brigade; but she does go at it with the 'zeal of a convert' - to borrow a 'religious' expression.
This is the first time I have formally heard an intellectual say that the leftist (Marigold Brothers) in India are more loyal to China than to India. Actually, they are more loyal to anyone - but India. The reasons? - they have swallowed wholesale that
1- India is not a country but a 'mere geographical expression'
2- Tradition, specifically Indic Hindu traditions, are inherently and forever exploitative
3- Indian society is so inherently venal that it takes a mammoth state to deliver the basics - nevermind that the mammoth state will comprise people from the same 'venal society'
4- Excellence is exploitation by another name.
5- All these things being true - Indians are incapable of governing themselves; and hence need others to do it for them.

They are not China-lovers; they are India-haters.


Harish said...

I beg to differ.. Tavleen Singh is no johnnny come lately..
She has been stridently and very eloquently anti Sonia Maino (one of the first writers who i think used Sonia's correct surname Maino),anti Leftist for a lonng time..
Her many articles when she contributed in India Today,IE etc stand testimony to the fact..
I would go far to say that before we had folks like Rajeev, Francois Gautier etc and she was one of the rare breed of intelligent right wing writers in mainstream ELM and a good one at that..

Tambi Dude said...

She also has been a virulent anti muslim for quite some time and has been a subject of hate mails from the followers of religion of peace.
Calling her "johnny come lately" is way out of whack.

san said...

It's funny how when it comes to obligations towards their country, then some will scoff at India being a mere "geographic expression", but when it comes to demanding things from India for themselves, then these same whiners will say that the "nation has an obligation" to feed them, brush their teeth for them, etc. Cognitive dissonance.