Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lava & Kusha - Preview Trailer

Here's the animated preview trailer video for Lava & Kusha - The Twin Warriors:


Nice animation, but I think they really need to improve the voiceover. I'd read that they're outsourcing the sound/dubbing to a London studio, and hopefully that will improve things. But good effort overall.

Heheh, Hanuman looks like He-Man with Homer Simpson's unshaven 5 o'clock shadow. ;)
Personally, I'd prefer the Marvel/Sunbow style of superhero animation, if possible.

Hmm, I wonder what Nina Paley will think of this? It mentions "betrayal" but we've yet to see how they do the ending. There are a lot of variations on Lava-Kusha khanda, so it's hard to tell.


san said...

Just as long as the Brits don't make Hanuman sound like Roddy McDowell ;)

san said...

Here's another cute animation I found:

Barbie Goes to Bollywood