Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kanishka Bombings - the second class citizens of Canada
To follow through on Rajeev's recent editorial in the Pioneer. This book comprehensively documents the Air India bombings and the status of the Kanishka victims and their families as second class citizens of "Multi Culti Land"
I have written a somewhat more detailed review on Rajeev's other blog here. The Canadian authorities continued to look away as long as it was brown people being killed - and actually allowed sundry Khalsa terrorist organisations to receive charitable donations for years afterwards - complete with tax breaks for the donor's!
What a shame on the Indian journalistic establishment - that this is being written by a courageous white woman - who carried on despite mailed death threats and calls for execution on Punjabi Radio stations in BC.


TallIndian said...

The mid 1980s were the nadir of Indian influence in the world. India had backed the wrong horse for much of the cold war.

To add insult to injury, India's main opponent was the West's main ally in that final battle of the Cold War -- Afghanistan.

The West's reward to Pakistan ranged from ignoring Pakistan training and funding of terrorists to actually enabling Pakistani sponsored terror (as long as the victims were Indians or of Indian origin).

On US televsion after the bombing, there were reports that said anything from it was an insurance scam by the Indian government (the plane had extra insurance because it was carrying a fifth engine in a sling) to a plot by the Indian government to blame the Sikhs.

'Khalistan' spokesman were on TV and with the aid of the GOP stalwarts like Jesse Helms, these spokesman frequently testified before Congress.

san said...

India too is another "multi culti" land. But certainly, Canada harbours everyone from the Khalistanis, to Taliban trainees, to the LTTE. You name it, and they've made Canada their base of operations.

The greatest insult to injury, imho, was when author Zuhair Kashmeri wrote his infamous book, 'Soft Target', which accused India of having masterminded the Kanishka bombing to slander the Khalistan movement. After that book came out, the guy was being paraded around hobknobbing with all the mainstream media, like he was Salman Rushdie.