Thursday, May 31, 2007

ROTFL: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

may 31, 2007

i say the indian media is also might entertaining. will the right number of buddhists please stand up?

since the media are making up things, any number will do. this is why these guys are such a good fit with cedric '2000' prakash, william 'i deal in what *could* have happened, not what happened. that's left to lesser mortals' dalrymple, et al.

in their defence, though, most of them are innumerate, anyway.

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From: Sanjeev
Date: May 31, 2007 12:15 AM
Subject: Who says Indian Media isn't biased?

Here are some reports on the number of people who were part of "big" conversion program in Mumbai; Makes you wonder, if even 1st class math is a required for becoming a journalist in India.

It was the biggest mass conversion in recent history as over one lakh Hindu tribals converted to Budhism in Mumbai on Sunday.

Unlike Dalits who converted before, this time a majority of those who converted were from castes which are lower in hierarchy than Dalits.

Those who converted include nomadic and denotified communities who had travelled from distant Marathwada, Vidharbha and even Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

The Republican Party of India organised the conversion ceremony.

 MUMBAI (Reuters) - About 50,000 Indian low-caste Hindus and nomadic tribespeople converted to Buddhism before a vast crowd on Sunday in the hope of escaping the rigidity of the ancient Hindu caste system and finding a life of dignity.
MUMBAI, India: About 2,000 low-caste Hindu Indians bowed before orange-robed monks and recited prayers as they converted to Buddhism in a mass ceremony Sunday that they said would bring them dignity in a society that considers them "untouchables."
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"We estimate that close to 5,000 Dalits have chosen the path towards Buddhism by the end of the day," said Shravan Gaikwad, representative of the Samatha Sainik Dal, a Dalit group.


Harish said...

thats an awessome.. lil display of India's reporting prowess at work..
Way 2 go Indian media!!!

Raghu said...

For people who are not as intelligent as ELM the total number is 100000+50000+5000+2000= 157000.

Sage said...
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Harish said...

Can we derive a relation between the quoted numbers and the general reputation of how far off these respective news sources are from truth in general..

NDTV is by far the worst (one cud not agree more)
AP is the best (of the lot)

I bet The Hindu would quote a far greater number of converts if one its own correspondent wrote an article for this event.

iamfordemocracy said...
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B Shantanu said...

Great post...I have added a few more links here:

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