Monday, May 07, 2007

China Orders Tibetan Resettlement

China is ordering the mass resettlement of Tibetans -- at their own expense, even. Even Stalin paid for the train ride to the Siberia gulag. But China is obviously feeling a need to crack down on such pampering subsidies. Next year, they'll be charging the prisoners for the shackles they wear.


Anonymous said...
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Prashant said...

Hmm, you don't exercise your imagination too much San. How about this: The Chinese government charges the family of anyone executed, for the cost of the bullet used to execute him or her. I believe they are now changing their method of execution. China has outfitted several buses to serve as mobile execution stations. I believe their preferred method is lethal injection. To charge Tibetans for their resettlement is nothing now, don't you think?

Chris said...


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