Friday, May 25, 2007

Hate Crime

In a New York highschool, a Pakistani attacks a Sikh student and cuts off his hair, in the name of Islam. This incident has been charged under hate crime laws. Here is some coverage on the NYT site, along with responses.

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Arvind said...

The line about a Sikh's hair being cut off in India is inappropriate. That news item is here --

If you read it, you will find that it was not a hate crime but a crime. The Sikh had tried to help out a damsel in distress and the four hooligans who were harassing her retaliated. NYT *had to* make it sound like it was a hate-crime.

If they wanted a hate-crime story, here was one --

The 17-year-old boy was walking through a field behind an elementary school in Richmond last Thursday afternoon when he was jumped by the men, believed to be all Caucasian and in their early twenties.