Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rambo's Back.

Hehe, wanna see some Sly moves?

Rambo's coming -- to Burma.

I think the original plan was for him to fight the Taliban, but then the war on terror got unpopular. And Hollywood and the whole Left Coast are so PC that they can't do anything un-Islamic.

So Burma's the next best choice.

You gotta admit though, it's entertaining seeing the One Man Army plow thru all the bad yellow guys, like Virginia Tech in reverse. I guess the Myanmar troops are less skilled than the NVA, because it seems like he kills a whole lot more of them this time.


Nani said...

Hyderabad balsts: Owaisi blames 'Hindu' extremists

bly243001 said...

shouldn't he be fighting WITH taliban as he did in Rambo III.