Friday, May 25, 2007

Back after a break

I am back, after a long break, during which I tied the knot. I visited northern India beyond Jaipur for the first time. Lovely green country, but all wasted by the Mullah-yams.

I met a nice old gentleman on my return journey. This man, an engineer, is now retired but travels all over the country helping farmers improve their output. He advises them on rainwater harvesting and the crops to grow, and how to grow them. And he was pretty much anti-Nehru. He told me an interesting anecdote on Gandhi. His uncle used to live in Gandhi's ashram. Some other people / hangers-on / Congressi style sycophants complained to Gandhi regarding him. He used to eat chana daal sprouts. Well, its supposed to increase bull-like qualities ;-) So Gandhi"jee" called him and asked him to stop doing that. He said - I am not here because I have accepted you as my guru. I am here because I want to do something for my country.


KapiDhwaja said...

Congratulations, DarkStorm!

nizhal yoddha said...

yes, indeed, darkstorm, i guess you will have to be all grown-up and responsible now! lots of luck, and may god go with you in your new state with more gravitas.

Arvind said...

Congratulations, DarkStorm!

Raghu said...

Congrats and good luck.

Non Carborundum said...

Congratulations and keep posting

s said...

Congrats. Married life is definitely lot of fun.

1. Can you give me the contact info of this gentleman. I am interested in good farming practices. I want to try it out in my village near AP/TN border. my emailid is

2. does anyone know about AOL's farming programmes. are they really producing results?


habc said...

Congratulations DarkStorm - don't spend too much time on the web!