Friday, May 25, 2007

Indian Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested in Houston

may 25th, 2007

say it ain't so! the great apostle, closest to yhwh that one can get to, jet-setter, has actually been arrested. first jaichand, then this. what is the world coming to? don't the police know that these godmen are above the law? they are 'religious minorities' who can do anything!

now watch k a paul use the 'i am a racial minority' card to complain about racism against indians!

and wonder of wonders, saja is not whining about the 'human rights' of these guys? quick, were is FOIL, where is sugata bose? why aren't john dayal and cedric prakash complaining about the violation of chrisists' rights in christists' own country? where is the godman ratzy?

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CRIME: Evangelist K.A. Paul arrested
May 24, 2007


nizhal yoddha said...

as a reader mentioned, 'couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy!'

also, i am really sorry i forgot jon anand's recent scrap with the law regarding his penchant for little girls.

what's with all these indian christist convert types? they get really aroused by 11-year-old white girls? there was the case a few months ago of a kerala christist priest convicted of sexually assaulting a pre-teen white girl in the north-east.

control yourselves, o believers!

Vijay said...

There is nothing surprising with church's sexual predators.

Sri Lanka probes child sex by Christian fundamentalists

Posted January 18, 2004
by Asanga Warnakulasuriya
Daily News (Sri Lanka)
January 15, 2004

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Indra De Silva revealed he was in receipt of reliable evidence pointing to the involvement of certain Christian fundamentalist sects in various nefarious activities including child sex.

The IGP said that he had been personally provided with information including video footage of these shady activities that included molesting of underaged children by so called "pastors".

Following this information, I have directed a special Police team to investigate such activities which are said to be taking place" IGP said.

"It is very clear that mainline Christian churches which have been functioning in Sri Lanka for many years are not behind these unlawful acts.

These religious leaders including the Maha Sangha and the Archbishop have pledged to co-operate with the Police in their efforts to combat this menace", the IGP said.

The IGP has requested the public to be vigilant and to verify whether some ordinary homes where these "services" are being conducted in fact has the approval of the local authority to conduct religious services.

The IGP also requested the public to act more responsibly in such situations and to avoid clashes at all costs.