Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a terrorist plot without pakistanis? amazing

may 8th, 2007

hard to believe. maybe the US authorities are selectively leaking out non-pakistani-based terrorist plots to insulate their 'valued ally in the war on terror' (TM) musharraf.

although there is the obligatory pakistani in the last sentence (thank you, nytimes, you are true to type) spouting the usual platitudes about the 'religion of peace'. i would really like to know what the definition of 'peace' is in the mohammedan lexicon. it is probably 'peace == situation where mohammedans are killing each other and all non-mohammedans have been wiped out', you know, as in pakistan. this goes with 'innocent <=> mohammedan' and other such interesting definitions in the mohammedan lexicon.

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Uddharet said...

A slight diversion:
You have been using the term "christist" for followers of a particular mythical person called christ. In analogy, why not "mohammedist"?