Thursday, April 05, 2007

Marx this: Pope quotes Left's god

Just goes to prove that the founding basis and thought patterns of these Prophetic Monotheistic death cults are all the same. Even Najam Sethi's paper carried this story in Pakistan\04\05\story_5-4-2007_pg7_6
To quote El Popa
'...condemns drug trafficking and sexual tourism, saying they are signs of a world brimming with “people who are empty”....'
Why are people in the West are spiritually empty? Could it be because they are made to believe in men coming back from the dead? Who plundered whom in the Hutu-Tutsi crisis? Which external party (hint: Dead Man Flying believers) supported the powerful against the weak? And how does this concern for African penury square against Dead Man Flying missionaries preaching the gospel of sin - when they would be better of providing education and condoms to African villagers; whose only education about AIDS comes from Christist missions

There is no surprise as to what this all builds up to - making all those poor hungry Africans believe in Flying Dead Man!!!

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