Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Were ISI Agents Shot by American?

According to unnamed Pakistani officials, the 2 Pakistanis shot by an American in Lahore were ISI agents. This account is disputed by the US govt. The issue is threatening to blow up US-Pakistani relations, as US congressmen warn that aid to Pak may be cut if the American staffer is not released by Pakistani authorities.

Personally, I think that suspiciously convenient suicide by the widow in protest against handing back her husband's killer looks to be rather staged. It's entirely possible that ISI convinced her to pretend to take poison, with the promise of getting her a lucrative settlement, and then killed her with real poison anyway. One can't put anything past the predatory praetorians at ISI.

Since Pakistan always responds to US pressure by burning NATO tanker convoys, then perhaps the US should adopt a similar approach by hiring Somali and Kenyan pirates. Every time a tanker convoy gets attacked in Pak, then likewise Pakistani shipping can mysteriously suffer similar attacks. If convoys can't get into Afghanistan through Pak territory, then neither should ships be allowed to get in or out of Pakistan across the high seas. Tit for tat.


Arvind said...

Aid will not be cut. The two frauds, Dick Lugar and John Kerry, have worked very hard for the billions of dollars of aid that they plan to funnel to their cronies in the corporate world and the non-profit groups (that will probably run "awareness campaigns" about helping poor flood-affected people in Pakistan). They will not give that up easily.

Inferno said...

Does 2G spectrum money trail lead to DMK boss?

Must read: The DB Realty-DMK puzzle by TVR Shenoy

Inferno said...

Saudi Arabia overstates oil reserves: Wikileaks

Itsdifferent said...

Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, Egyptian Defense Minister has been quoted as saying, "The army exists to defend the nation, not a regime".
Egyptian Army never fired on its own people.
Q: In our banana republic, if a revolution against corruption and inheritance of power, ever has to arise, will our Police and Army take this stand, or be stooges of those in power?
I think this is worth a research.

nizhal yoddha said...

san, good idea about pirates. however, the ISI seems to have gotten there first. there are many reports of somali pirates being apprehended near the lakshadweep islands. no need to wonder what the religion of the lakshadweep residents is.