Wednesday, February 09, 2011

rajeev's two part essay on how the predatory indian State (read UPA) screws the aam admi

मकर: २६, कलि युग: ५११३
no punches pulled here; some might say i am doing my p. sainath imitation. but i have been talking about the predatory State for years: that which totally exploits the ordinary indian. this is why indians are getting thinner and thinner.

btw, i was astonished that p. sainath, so far as i could tell from searching on the net, had nothing to say about the endosulfan tragedy. et tu, sainath? 

your comments welcome on the rediff site too.


Raghu said...

Looks like the Kkkangress gets its training from the Masters: crooks from the US of A:+

Raghu said...

Thank you Rajiv!
Read your articles and the guest blogger article; your knowledge and convictions are extraordinary!

Arvind said...

all nation-states exist in order to rob the people of their money.

Itsdifferent said...

Hats of to you on these articles. I was also reading some of the comments on rediff. Its no wonder that the brainwashed ones calling you a "naxalite". Laugh out loud, or pity those people.
That also tells me, that Egypt like uprising can never happen, on this divide and rule regime by language, color, caste, region, party and what not....Oh God, Save my India.

souixsie said...

Great pair of hard-hitting commentaries. The East India Company has morphed into the UPA.