Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pak Backlash Over Detained American

Pakistanis are still refusing to release the detained American embassy staffer, who appears to have a significant military background.


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Kasab to be included in census

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Paralysis in PMO -- Centre was advised in July 2010 to scrap Antrix-Devas deal

"Antrix-Devas agreement on GSAT-6 and 6A would take away most of the S-band spectrum that was available. The S-band spectrum is crucial for several strategic and societal services. The Integrated Space Cell of IDS, Ministry of Defence, have projected a need for 17.5 MHz in S Band for meeting the immediate requirements of Armed Forces, another 40 MHz during the 12th Plan period and an additional 50 MHz during the 13th Plan period. The Armed Forces have also projected the need to build S-band satellite capacity through GSAT-7S, for national security related mobile communications.”

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Must read: The DB Realty-DMK puzzle by TVR Shenoy

Dynamix Realty (owned by Shahid Balwa) transferred over Rs 200 crore to Kusegaon Realty (owned by Asif Balwa). Kusegaon Realty transferred over Rs 200 crore to Cineyug Films. And Cineyug Films transferred over Rs 200 crore to Kalaignar TV (60% of the equity of Kalaignar TV is held by Karunanidhi's wife).

There is some confusion about just why Cineyug loaned Rs 200 crore to Kalaignar TV. If it was a loan, on what terms was it made? Has there been any repayment, even in part?