Tuesday, February 08, 2011

NYT does hatchet job on modi

മകരം ൨൫, ൧൧൮൬ കൊല്ല വര്ഷം, രേവതി 
सूर्य मकर: २५, शिशिर ऋतु:, कलि युग: ५११३
फ़ेब् ८, २०११ CE
i think this is a 'diversionary tactic' special, now that pm and super-pm are looking pretty bad with scams coming out of the woodwork. i especially like the s-band spectrum scam. so simple, so obscure, so 'almost-got-away-with-it'.

but cedric '2000 mohdans' prakash must be unhappy. everyone, even the NYT, is only talking about '1000 mostly mohdans'. what good disinformation this darn godman created, though! amazing stuff.

 rajeev srinivasan 
NYT (voice of CIA?) does congress propaganda: Narendra Modi, a Divisive Indian 

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