Tuesday, December 01, 2009

uranium shortage looms

dec 1, 2009

yet another reason why nuclear fantasies are dangerous and counterproductive, on top of the sabotage and terrorism fears.

there is now a uranium shortage, just in time for india's nuclear power plans.


asd123 said...

The study from the New Scientist claims that a lack of investment in new mines can cause shortages not the actual amount of uranium available in the world. This is due to the massive decline in the uranium price from 130 in 2007 to 45, so it is no longer economical for the miner.

On the flip side according to an IEA whistle-blower this appears to be a far more legitimate threat:


Key oil figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistleblower

Exclusive: Watchdog's estimates of reserves inflated says top official

The world is much closer to running out of oil than official estimates admit, according to a whistleblower at the International Energy Agency who claims it has been deliberately underplaying a looming shortage for fear of triggering panic buying.

The senior official claims the US has played an influential role in encouraging the watchdog to underplay the rate of decline from existing oil fields while overplaying the chances of finding new reserves.

The allegations raise serious questions about the accuracy of the organisation's latest World Energy Outlook on oil demand and supply to be published tomorrow – which is used by the British and many other governments to help guide their wider energy and climate change policies.....

"We have [already] entered the 'peak oil' zone. I think that the situation is really bad"

chitrakut said...

Must be time to buy ccj