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Seminar :::Towards a New Paradigm of Business Management :: on 12th December 2009, Saturday :: @ Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

dec 8th, 2009

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Subject: Seminar :::Towards a New Paradigm of Business Management :: on 12th December 2009, Saturday :: @ Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
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Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce

Presents a Seminar


Towards a New Paradigm of Business Management

Alternative Perspectives from

Ancient Indian Wisdom

 12th December 2009, Saturday,9.30am to 4.00pm


Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Bannerghatta Road Bangalore 560 076



Globally, corporate entities are in a melting pot. On one hand they face serious challenges of growth and sustainability. On the other hand, several intra-firm challenges remain despite evolution in man­agement theories and practice. Creating "high performing or­ganizations" that can be proud of nurturing highly inspired and self-driven individuals who can manage sustainable institutions that can harmoniously exist with the natural eco-system and at the same time enjoy quality of work life as well as personal life still remain a distant dream.


Today, India has caught the attention of global business for its mar­ket, services, people, and products.  It is an appropriate time to ask "Can India leverage this global attention to help the corpo­rate world with a new paradigm of corporate governance and management?" Indian Tradition has considered "Dharma" as the pivot of all human endeavor.  Enterprises and organizations were successfully run on the basis of Dharma in India.  Kingdoms of Janaka, Rama, Yamahas, Yudhishtira down to Hakka and Bukka and Krishna Deva Raya, ran such large public enterprises. 


The philosophical part of Dharma has been discussed in various scriptures and the operative part has been enunciated in various Smrithis, the two epics and texts such as Bhagavadgita. Collec­tively, the scriptures have covered various aspects of enterprise management including the management of people and relationships. One of the distinguishing aspects of our tradition has been that the earth, environment and the entire cosmos have been treated as an intrinsic and integral part of all systems, including business enter­prises.  As a result, environmental and sustainability issues became an integral part of the approach.


The seminar provides a forum for discussion on these issues.  It specifically seeks to focus on the following aspects of interest to to­day's corporate leaders and business managers: 

· What are the fundamental problems that business entities face to­day?

· Is there an overarching framework that we can develop from the ancient Indian wisdom that would help us construct alternative per­spectives to address these problems?

· Are there some specific ideas from our scriptures that may be of interest to today's business?

· Are there any attempts by some of our industry leaders to borrow ideas from ancient Indian wisdom? What has been the experience and what do we have to learn from these?



Invited Dignitaries (Partial List) 


Mr. H R Nagendra,

Dean Svyasa former space scientist at NASA, established the internationally famous Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Re­search Foundation (or V K YOGAS)   


Prof B Mahadevan,

Dean, IIM Bangalore ,has more than 15 years of experience in teaching, Specialized  in sourcing, supply and Manufac­turing management.


Dr. Shatavadhani R Ganesh,

Scholar, has a deep and intimate knowledge of various forms of Indian classical music,  He has also served as the Director of Sanskrit Department in the Bharatiya Vidya Bha­vana, Bangalore. He has  worked with the Jain International Residential School in Bangalore.


Dr. T V Subramanian,

Chairman,  Education committee CII Institute of Logistics Faculty, IFMR, Chennai; Chairman Board of Studies; Visiting Professor; management consultant from Chennai


Mr. Anant Koppar,

CEO, K2 Technologies, He has Successfully worn many hats and is a recognized achiever in Academia (PMI Bangalore Chapter), Technocrat (recognized Indian IT leader), Busi­nessman.


Mr. K R Girish,

President,BCIC/Partner BSR & Co.


Prof Narahari,

Head of Computer Science and Automation Dept IISc,The focus of his current research is to apply Game Theory and Mechanism Design to Internet and Network Economics


Prof S K Sinha,

Associate Professor, Centre for electronics design and tech­nology, IISc


Mr. T R Parasuraman,

Sr. Vice President, HR /IS Toyota Kirloskar Auto parts Pvt Ltd. Chairman, Industry & Manufacturing  expert committee BCIC


Dr. S Shamasundar,

Yugayatri/Managing Director ProSIM R&D Pvt Ltd


Prof  C  Manohar Reddy,

Professor OB & HR Management , IIM Bangalore



Yugayatri is a non-profit trust working for promotion and adaptation of Indian culture in contemporary life and practices. Yugayatri has conducted several workshops and training programs for benefit of working professionals, students, and academics.   Yugayatri has con­ducted research on science technology heritage and published exten­sively. Yugayatri has executed projects from  DRDO, IGNCA, ISRO, Karnataka Govt, Rajiv Gandhi Health University, Tirupathi University, Rashtriya Samskrita Prathishtan, and so on. Yugayatri is developing a theme park based on Ramayana on Bangalore-Mysore Road near Sriranga Patna.

Registration Details


Registration forms can be downloaded from www.yugayatri.in. Please send the duly filled application forms to YUGAYATRI address along with the registration fee. Cheques and DD's should favour 'Yugayatri' pay­able at Bangalore.  


Registration fee:

Industry -Rs.500/- Student-250/-


For More Details Contact :

G R Santhosh—9448891472

Nethra— 9972304445           

About BCIC:


Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) is the apex Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the State of Karnataka representing large and medium industry. The Chamber's member­ship represents 95% of the capital investment and 90% of the la­bour employed in the State of Karnataka.   BCIC, at present, has  a membership of around 650 Leading companies like Infosys, Wipro, Cisco, Biocon, ITC, Toyota, ABB, BOSCH, Bharti Telecom, TVS, L & T , KPMG, PwC, Deloitte to name a few, are members of BCIC.BCIC plays an active and important role in promoting trade and invest­ment in the State and has an excellent domestic and international network with MoUs with the leading Chambers of Commerce across the globe. BCIC organizes seminars / workshops and interactions with Government Officials on critical issues concerning trade and industry from time to time.

Registrations are done on first come, first served basis


Contact Details



21/B, 9th Main,

Shankar Nagar, Mahalakshmi puram,

Bangalore – 560 096

Fax : +91 080 23323304

Email : yugayatri@gmail.com, info@yugayatri.in


Please find the attached registration form  & programme schedule

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