Friday, December 04, 2009

recent philippine massacre and rape/mutilation: sounds like mohammedan justice

dec 1, 2009

if i am not mistaken, the principals are mohammedans from the philippines' mohammedan-majority mindanao province.

(this is the province where hillary clinton encountered the MILF -- mindanao islamic liberation front -- recently. but we digress.)

interesting sexual dynamic here, much like what happens in many mohammedan conflicts (eg. bangladesh, darfur) -- females are targeted for brutality. the wife, sisters, lawyers and journalists of the opposition candidate were assaulted, probably raped, shot or mutilated in their genitals, and killed.

and who was talking about the great protection women get in mohammedanism?

notice how the NYTimes is careful not to mention that these are mohammedans.

not that christists are backward in brutality, but still this is the fort hood syndrome: unwillingness to point out mohammedan sins.

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