Friday, December 04, 2009

narayana hrudayalaya's shetty on process improvement in health care

nov 27th, 2009

same goes for aravind eye clinic as well: they have brilliantly 'mcdonaldized' surgery.

india's competencies include: a) frugal engineering and b) dealing with scale.

(ok, rp, i know you are a sceptic, but even kkkangress-dominated india has to have some competencies in something other than spiriting money to swiss bank accounts.)

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From: Girish

Dr. Shetty's flagship heart hospital charges $2,000, on average, for open-heart surgery, compared with hospitals in the U.S. that are paid between $20,000 and $100,000, depending on the complexity of the surgery.
The approach has transformed health care in India through a simple premise that works in other industries: economies of scale. By driving huge volumes, even of procedures as sophisticated, delicate and dangerous as heart surgery, Dr. Shetty has managed to drive down the cost of health care in his nation of one billion.
His model offers insights for countries worldwide that are struggling with soaring medical costs, including the U.S. as it debates major health-care overhaul.
"Japanese companies reinvented the process of making cars. That's what we're doing in health care," Dr. Shetty says. "What health care needs is process innovation, not product innovation."

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