Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Yindoo Axis

The Atlanticist mouthpiece IHT is suddenly terribly worried about the Hindus and Jews coming together for activism.


karyakarta92 said...

Some of the "South Asians" interviewed by the atlanticist mouthpiece also seem anxious about the "Hindu-Jewish" axis and obsessed with being perceived as "non-sectarian". To me, that is a red herring and a sure indicator of ASHA style dhimmitude.
That Vijay Parshad character concocted a ridiculous theory that the Bhagavad Gita was not an original Hindu work, rather based on plagiarism from Buddhism ! Which of course provides fodder for the enemies of Hinduism to repeat as nauseam, ad infinitum.

Any "INDIA/SOUTH ASIA CULTURAL CENTRE" - if it is not a Hindu center is almost certainly a place for Mohammedans to recruit Hindu women for their demographic goals.

That being said, a Hindu-Jewish axis has been the subject of paranoid Pakistani nighmares for decades. Rumours of a joint Indo-Israeli strike on their Kahuta nuke plant always makes the Pakis
wet their pants. Such a rumour once angered A.Q Khan enough to
threaten dhimmi hack Kuldip Nayyar with nuclear holocaust on India.

It would be great if such an endeavour does come to fruition.
It won't as long as the dhimmi Indians have Hamas/Hizbollah agent E. Ahamed in the Union cabinet.

The dhimmi UPA's "anti-Zionist" statements provoked the then Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to respond to Musharraf's overtures, with their foreign ministers meeting secretly in Turkey.
Wonder whatever came of that
covert Paki-Israel dialogue....

habc said...

"this only strengths the democratic process and help us to arrive at a consensus," Sonia said"

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Coming from a member of the FAMILY this is rich!

habc said...

some people will believe anything

I have a bridge I would like to sell along with the "democratic process and consensus" - wanna buy?

Your ancestors believed even bigger stories before they converted so it is not very surprising. do you also believe Rahool is The One?